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Kuna-Mora Road Corridor Study, Phase II

General Description:

Project Update - Summer 2009

The Kuna-Mora Road Corridor, Phase II Study has been put on hold due to budget constraints within the District. The decision to postpone additional study work by the project consultant is the result of a vote by ACHD Commissioners at the April 15, 2009 Commission meeting.

While the overall study is on hold, ACHD staff will work with the Nampa Highway District (NHD) to explore the feasibility of a roadway alignment through Bureau of Land Management (BLM) land-- an option favored by the public but one that has drawn serious concerns from the federal agency about potential environmental impacts to the Snake River Birds of Prey National Conservation Area. The BLM option is one of three alignment options being evaluated.ACHD and NHD are working cooperatively to determine where to best connect Bowmont Road (in Canyon County) to Kuna Mora Road (in Ada County). Upon direction from the Commissioners, ACHD will resume work on Phase II of the study, however, no time frame has been established for when this might occur.

A public open house was held on February 4, 2009 for Phase II. Additional public involvement will occur once the study resumes.


Project Description

The first phase of the Kuna-Mora Road Corridor Study evaluated the 21-mile corridor stretching from the Ada/Canyon county line east to Interstate 84 looking at forecast land use conditions and traffic volumes. Phase I established the corridor's function, determined what the road might look like and established related preservation needs. Phase I did not determine a roadway alignment. For more information on Phase I of this study, visit the Kuna Mora Road Corridor Study Phase I page.

Phase II will look specifically at the 7-mile segment of Kuna-Mora Road from the Canyon County line east to Eagle Road. Phase II will evaluate potential alignment options for this segment of the roadway. A preferred alignment will ultimately be established for the segment.

The Phase II study process will:

  • Seek public participation and input
  • Utilize agency coordination (i.e. Between ACHD and City of Kuna, Ada County, Boise City, Nampa Highway Department, Canyon County, ITD, Idaho Department of Lands, City of Nampa, Idaho DEQ, etc.)
  • Work to minimize impacts to existing residences, cultural and topographic elements 
  • Use Phase I study recommendations in evaluating alignment options

Agency coordination is an important element in this study because of the need to create a future Bowmont Road/Kuna-Mora Road connection. ACHD and Nampa Highway District No. 1 are working together through project team meetings and collaboration to ensure the future traffic needs of the area are met. 


Project History:

Communities in Motion, the long-range transportation planning document established by the Community Planning Association of Southwest Idaho (COMPASS), determined that Kuna-Mora Road is vital to the region due to its potential as an alternate to I-84. The Plan recommended that Kuna-Mora Road from McDermott Road to I-84 be preserved as an expressway.

The Kuna-Mora Road Corridor Study includes a total of 4 phases. Subsequent phases will look at the 21-mile-long corridor in segments and will establish preferred alignments.


Phase II Map

Wednesday, December 03, 2008


Time Frame

Start Date:
Fall 2008 - Currently on hold
End Date:

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