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Maple Grove Road, Amity Road to Victory Road

The Ada County Highway District (ACHD) is beginning to develop and evaluate alternatives to improve Maple Grove Road, Amity Road to Victory Road. As part of the project a couple alternatives will be evaluated, including a three-lane roadway (one lane in each direction with a center turn lane) and a five-lane roadway (two lanes in each direction with a center turn lane).

Proposed improvements include:

  • Widening Maple Grove Road between Amity and Victory
  • Adding bicycle and pedestrian facilities on both sides of Maple Grove
  • Adding an enhanced pedestrian crossing 
  • Designing a multi-lane roundabout at the intersection of Amity Road and Maple Grove Road
  • Replacing/widening the bridge structure over the lateral just south of Bienapfl Drive
  • Replacing/widening the bridge over the canal just north of Amity Road


  • Concept - Spring 2021 to Fall 2021
    • Late Summer 2021 - initial public survey (Southwest Mobility Project)
    • Fall 2021 - stakeholder outreach 
    • Late Fall 2021 - public involvement meeting #1 to gather feedback on the proposed design alternatives
  • Design - Winter 2021 to Fall 2022
    • Summer 2022 - public involvement meeting #2 to gather feedback on the proposed design of the preferred alternative 
  • Right of Way - Fall 2022 to Fall 2023
  • Construction - Early 2024 to Fall 2024

*All time frames are subject to change.

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