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2016 News and Replies

December 25

Two lanes await drivers from the one through lane at Veterans Memorial Parkway at State Street; left-turning drivers on State Street going to 22nd Street shouldn't be stopped by a curb; problem asphalt ridge at Franklin Road at I-184. [Read more...]

December 18

ACHD's winter response plan includes more aggressive plowing; confusion with the new "Stop Here on Red" sign on southbound Edgewood Drive at Idaho 44; communications breakdown at Mallard Drive and Parkcenter Boulevard signal. [Read more...]

December 11

ACHD will make changes at a pedestrian crosswalk signal on Ten Mile Road near Cherry Lane but not include in-pavement lights; no crosswalk is better than an inadequate crosswalk at Overland Road and Country Terrace Way. [Read more...]

December 04

Right-turn yielding no longer allowed at Idaho 44 and Edgewood Lane; Milwaukee Street lane near Emerald Street finally paved; bump at 10th and Grove Streets gets fast repair. [Read more...]

November 27

Left-turn signal from Cloverdale Road southbound to eastbound on Fairview Avenue gets more green; reader wants ACHD to reconsider decision against putting in a left-turn lane on Fort Street at 8th Street. [Read more...]

November 20

Westbound Cherry Lane at Linder Road delays should be helped by signal changes and nearby widening; upside of removing landscaping at Hickory Way for a right-turn too little; reader happy with more flashing yellow arrow signals. [Read more...]

November 13

Existing Interstate 184 truck traffic causes road wrinkle at Franklin Road; reader suggests special events avoid Front and Myrtle in Downtown Boise, Federal Way Overpass work pace seems slow compared to Broadway Bridge. [Read more...]

November 4

Onward Shay! marathon causes traffic problems in Boise despite good intentions; big Blue Spruce creates concern at Overland and McDermott roads; PODS parked in Boise's North End overstay welcome. [Read more...]

October 30

West Parkcenter Bridge is not the best looking span over the Boise River, why? Reader catches needed change to pedestrian signal on Front Street at Broadway Avenue; deep manhole covers on westbound State Street fixed. [Read more...]

October 23

No plans for a pedestrian bridge at University Drive across Capitol Boulevard and 9th Street; YMCA Halloween Run will not impact roads; reader catches signal timing error after Broadway Bridge completion. [Read more...]

October 16

Drivers reported to be braking hard to avoid crashes at Meridian and Victory roads because of busy entrance; ACHD will watch drivers at enhanced pedestrian crossing at Warm Springs Avenue and Walnut Street. [Read more...]

October 09

Missing crosswalk at 8th and Union streets; plan for leveling manhole covers on Franklin and State streets; street light illuminating land as well as roads at Can-Ada and Lanktree Gulch roads. [Read more...]

October 02

New signals on Capitol Boulevard and 9th Street for the Royal Boulevard extension getting undue blame for rush hour backups. [Read more...]

September 25

Turning a motor vehicle lane into a bike lane on the Capitol Boulevard Bridge isn’t the reason for lunchtime traffic delays; Rolling Hills Charter School has concerns about the safety of students walking to and from school. [Read more...]

September 18

Chip sealing on State Street in downtown Boise on a low-traffic Sunday disturbs church traffic; why some alleys are left unpaved and paved ones get no chip seal; speed bump requirements on Bryson Street and elsewhere. [Read more...]

September 11

"Color Run' organizers get blame for lacking organization; State Street and 36th/Veterans Memorial Parkway school-year timing decreases delays; temporary stops removed on Tamarack and Taft after roundabout completion. [Read more...]

September 04

Red curb paint requested for Royal Boulevard; fallen street sign in "The Oaks"; lavender blocks view of oncoming traffic on Hill Road; manhole cover at Locust Grove Road and Pine Avenue gets noisy -- again. [Read more...]

August 28

Very short left turn from westbound Fairview Avenue onto southbound Eagle Road near The Village in Meridian; additional stop signs at Deep Canyon Drive, Deep Canyon Drive and High County Way in Star are not justified. [Read more...]

August 14

Despite sideswipes, utility pole at Amity and Five Mile will stay; ACHD keeps resident from watering road; ACHD will look again at dedicated left-turn at Chateau Drive and Locust Grove Road. [Read more...]

August 07

Boise Hills Drive won't get an orange, 20 mph sign for chip sealing; Five Mile Road and Amity Road intersection doesn't qualify for a rebuild, but new pavement is planned; eastbound Broad Street will get a one-way sign for Capitol. [Read more...]

July 31

Request to remove landscaped median at Hickory Way and Fairview Avenue for a right-turn lane; CC&Rs vs. county parking laws; runoff alongside Bogus Basin Road. [Read more...]

July 24

"No left turn" sign on Glenwood Street at Mountain View Drive installed because of grandfathered berm; safety concerns remain about a flashing yellow arrow at Parkcenter Boulevard and Apple Street. [Read more...]

July 17

"Deep ruts at railroad tracks at Black Cat Road in Kuna; reader reacts to spray-painted, do-it-yourself "Slow Down" signs; request for Road Wizard RSS feed so readers don't have to check ACHD's website. [Read more...]

July 10

Chesterfield subdivision in Meridian targeted by "slow down" graffiti; new right-turn-only requirement in right lane on Myrtle Street at 9th Street explained. [Read more...]

July 03

Relaxation turns to stress moving from Reserve Street onto east Fort Street; missing one-way-only signs at Front, Myrtle and Avenue B; Rivers End Subdivision suffering slow drains; sinking spot on Amity Road. [Read more...]

June 26

Does pressing the pedestrian button at signals like Gowen Road and Federal Way do anything? Summertime solution to difficult right turn from southbound Broadway Avenue onto westbound Front Street. [Read more...]

June 19

Newly opened dog bone-shaped roundabout at 36th, Hill Road gets praise; traffic-control trouble during the Saint Al's Capitol Classic. [Read more...]

June 12

Concern about guard rail coverage on approach to New York Canal Bridge on Cole Road; four-way stop at 2nd and State streets in Eagle cause for complaint, back ups. [Read more...]

June 05

Confusing taxi sign on University Drive near Albertsons Stadium to come down; reader hits breaks due to recent changes at westbound I-184/Cole Road exit; another reason for merging after left turn at Federal Way and Gekeler Lane/Bergeson Street. [Read more...]

May 29

Request for a fence alteration or a traffic signal at Edgewood Lane and Hill Road; reader concerned about crashes at Front Street and Avenue A in Boise. [Read more...]

May 22

Request for a flashing yellow, left-turn arrow at Franklin Road and Main Street in Meridian; reader questions Road Wizard about "dangerous" turning conditions leaving the downtown library in Boise. [Read more...]

May 15

Two left-turn lanes trouble at Federal Way onto Bergeson; reason for not having full traffic signal at Broad Street and Capitol Boulevard; turn sign blocked by trees at Vista Avenue and Overland Road. [Read more...]

May 08

State Street at Linder Road has a flashing yellow arrow; why not Linder? Request to modify green arrow signal at River and 9th streets; ACHD planning new crosswalk on Eckert Road at Arrow Junction Drive. Where to old traffic counts for Warm Springs? [Read more...]

May 01

U-turn right-of-way question at Orchard Street and Fairview Avenue; still no green-arrow left turns planned for River and 9th streets; Costco driveway existing onto Cole Road will now be marked for through traffic, too. [Read more...]

April 24

Revisiting turning restrictions at Country Square Shopping Center onto Overland Road near Five Mile Road; jarring ride at Broadway Bridge detour route at Parkcenter and Beacon. [Read more...]

April 17

Who owns the ground between the sidewalk and the street? Request for a left-and-straight-thru lane on Lake Forest Drive at Federal Way. [Read more...]

April 10

Lane blocked by barrels on Beacon Street at Parkcenter to make room for large rigs; "big task" work at Cloverdale Road and De Meyer Street already done; U-turns now restricted on Victory Road at Trabuco Avenue. [Read more...]

April 03

Seaman's Gulch Road to get improvements but not urban-level amenities; some confusion about turns at Hays and 16th streets in Boise. [Read more...]

March 27

Can't traffic flow better on westbound Fort and 9th streets? Why only one through-lane on Cloverdale Road at Overland Road? Luck or speedy ACHD accounts for prompt sweeping? [Read more...]

March 20

How does ACHD coordinate road construction projects? Signal at the intersection of St. Luke's Meridian Medical Center and the Home Depot on State Street to get a flashing yellow arrow. [Read more...]

March 13

Reader wonders if construction lane closures in Downtown Boise pave way for future swap for bike lanes; concerns about poor view of vehicles approaching on 36th Street when turning from Anderson Street. [Read more...]

March 06

Reader asks for a small fix at Hill Road and Collister Drive, then sees big work; ACHD focusing on "concrete" solutions to manhole bumps. [Read more...]

February 28

Cost for construction crane taking lanes on Capitol Boulevard; concerns about left turns from Walnut Street onto Warm Springs Avenue at peak times; reader complaints about access management on Overland Road east of Five Mile Road. [Read more...]

February 21

Speed limit increase on Orchard Street south of Overland Road explained; ACHD's role in the Syringa Valley development proposed for South Boise -- who pays for the new roads? [Read more...]

February 14

Pedestrian improvements coming for Royal Boulevard at Boise State University; Road Wizard on Facebook and angry post about traffic calming near 36/Hill/Catalpa intersection; who fixes sunken pavement patch on Braemere Street in Boise? [Read more...]

February 07

Sidewalk on Pine Street between Main Street and Locust Grove in Meridian; resident worries about road damage from beet trucks using Kuna-Mora Road; completion of the Lake Hazel Road connection to Cole Road means the “No Thru Trucks” sign can go. [Read more...]

January 31

Request for left-turn green arrow signal on northbound 13th Street at Front Street; surprise curb where sidewalks ends on Americana Terrace off of Americana Boulevard. [Read more...]

January 24

Traffic signal head placement at Victory Road and Orchard Street will always look wrong to someone; Warm Springs Avenue and Parkcenter Boulevard name change, street light and speed limit. [Read more...]

January 17

Who enforces vehicle/trailer parking rules? The reason for no morning signal adjustment at Main and Garden streets during Greenbelt tunnel construction. [Read more...]

January 10

Simultaneous right- and left-turn arrows requested at Milwaukee Street/Fairview Avenue; no uphill battle for reader wanting "thru traffic" sign on Protest Hill; another report of a "scary" driving experience on Interstate 84. [Read more...]

January 03

Motorists entering Downtown Boise intersections already full; no full signal for Shamrock Avenue, despite challenging lefts; "sand window" planned for Diamond and Banner streets in Boise. [Read more...]

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