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Winter Street Service What happens when it snows?

ACHD generally favors anti-icing, sanding and salting over plowing as the most effective treatment for the county's normal winter conditions. Sand and salt (in targeted applications) are applied when extra traction is needed. When snow accumulates, plowing is done before more anti-icing material is applied.

For a more indepth look into the anti-icing, and sanding and salting materials we use.

More On Anti-Icing

Why a Priority System?

Even with a large fleet of vehicles, a road inventory of over 5,125 lane miles and 4,216 cul-de-sacs, the District must use a priority system to ensure that the most-used or most-critical roads get first attention.

Although residential streets are important, they have lower speeds and lower traffic volumes. Given the amount of personnel and equipment available, ACHD must focus its response to yield the biggest benefit. Generally, the snow will melt off by the time District crews could practically get onto neighborhood streets.

Priority Roadways

  • Arterial and collector roads
  • Major intersections
  • Overpasses and bridges
  • Areas around hospitals and fire stations
  • School and railroad crossings
  • Streets with grades over 6 percent

A no cost snow removal permit was implemented during the record snowfall in 2016-2017. It allowed HOAs, citizens, and contractors, meeting permit guidelines, to clear snow out of the public Right of Way. The program proved benifical to Ada County residents as well as ACHD and will again be available during the winter maintenance season.

Sidewalks and Parking Lots

When it snows residents have a job too. Keeping the sidewalk in front of your home or business clear of snow and ice is required by local and state codes. For additional information about local and state codes, read "Putting Snow in its Place".
Not shoveling leaves, snow or other debris into the roadway and making sure storm drains are clear is another way to help.

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