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ACHD Budget Fiscal Year 2023 Public Meeting

ACHD is kicking off the 2023 budget planning process with a public meeting on April 21 at 5:30 p.m.

Be a part of the budget process!

  •   Attend in Person - Join us at 3775 Adams Street in the Michael Brokaw Auditorium
  •   Attend Virtually - Participate inthe meeting via Zoom
  •   The meeting will be live streamed on YouTube.

The budget will include projects to increase safety and mobility, and also provides for the maintenance and operation of Ada County's roads, sidewalks, traffic signals, bike lanes and related infrastructure. Proposed construction projects for the 2023 budget include:

  • ImprovingLocust Grove Road between Victory Road and Overland Raod.
  • Revamping Star Road Bridges #1093 and #2040.
  • A new Victory Road and Locust Grove Road Roundabout.
  • Upgraded Pedestrian Crossings at Warm Springs Avenue and Maynard Avenue; Warm Springs Avenue and Sky Bar Street.
  • Enhanced pedestrian facilities Floating Feather Road, Brandon Road and Hornback Avenue; Cory Lane, Mitchell Street and Maple Grove Road.

The Budget Process Your comments count!

The planning, preparing and building of multi-million dollar projects takes a few years, but the resulting asphalt, bridges, bike lanes and sidwalks last for decades. Each year, new items are added to our infrastructure and citizens have many opportunities to get involved. ACHD welcomes public comment and and encourages you to attend the April 21st meeting.

Public comments can be provided in any of the following ways:

  •   Attend the April 21st meeting
  •   Email ACHD with your input at
  • Through Tell Us
  • Mail your input to: 3775 Adams Street, Garden City, ID 83714

For additional information:

ACHD Main Line: 208-387-6100
Or contact us at: Tell Us

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