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36th Street/Hill Road/Catalpa Drive Roundabout

General Description

June 26, 2014 Open House Materials

Please click on the links below to review displays from the June open house. Learn more about roundabouts here.


April 24, 2014 Open House Materials

Please click on the images below to review displays from the open house. More information on roundabouts can be found under "Related Documents" to the right of the screen. Learn more about roundabouts here.




More information on roundabouts

Learn more about roundabouts at these web sites:

  • Maryland State Highway Administration (animation)

  • Wisconsin Department of Transportation (animation)

  • Bend, Oregon (videos)

    At the February 22, 2012 Commission meeting the ACHD Commissioners voted to adopt the Concept Report with the recommended multilane roundabout and directed staff to reevaluate traffic volumes when design starts.  If the volumes are low enough, ACHD may design and build an expandable single-lane roundabout first and then later expand it to a multilane roundabout when the extra capacity is needed. 


    Since 2005, a roundabout has been proposed for the intersection of 36th, Hill and Catalpa. However, several factors, including increasingly high costs, led ACHD to explore alternative roundabout designs for the intersection.

    In 2008 ACHD presented a conceptual "dog bone" roundabout (made of two smaller roundabouts, rather than just one) to the public. Since that time ACHD has conducted further study and slightly refined the concept.

    The Ada County Highway District (ACHD) Commission adopted the 36th Street/Hill Road/Catalpa Drive Roundabout Concept with a multilane roundabout on Wednesday, February 22, 2012. In their adoption the Commission directed staff to reevaluate traffic volumes and projected growth at the beginning of design and to design and build the multilane roundabout to function as a single lane roundabout (if traffic volumes permit) until a multilane roundabout is needed.

    The current schedule for the project is to design the roundabout in Fiscal Year (FY) 2014, purchase right-of-way in FY 2015 and construct the project in FY 2016.

    Staff Report

    Concept Report - To view the concept report please see "Related Documents" on the right side of the page.

    Click here to watch Roundabouts Put to the Test.

    Learn more about roundabouts here

    ACHD has held three public information open houses for this project. Under “related documents” on the upper right side of this page, you will find the information presented at the public open houses.

    The project currently does not have a construction year. It is categorized as being UF- unfunded. This category is for projects where construction is unfunded, but design and/or right-of-way acquisition is in ACHD's Five Year Work Plan.

  • Time Frame

    Start Date: Design: November 2013
    End Date: Construction: 2016