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West Bench Circulation Study

General Description:

The West Bench Circulation Study evaluated both 3-lane and 5-lane roadway alternatives for Cloverdale Road, Five Mile Road and Maple Grove Road, generally between Chinden and Fairview.  These roadway segments are currently planned as 5-lane facilities in the ACHD Capital Improvements Plan and other planning documents.  This study evaluated the feasibility of constraining these segments to 3-lanes.

Initially, Cloverdale Road was being considered for expansion to 5 lanes along a 4.5 mile stretch, however, during the concept design process, it was determined that a 3-lane roadway from DeMeyer to just north of Fairview may be able handle the traffic volumes. The need for 5 lanes was based on the ACHD Capital Improvements Plan and Communities in Motion, a long-range transportation planning document established by the Community Planning Association of Southwest Idaho (COMPASS.) The Transportation Land Use Integration Plan (TLIP) process suggests ACHD should evaluate a 3-lane option for this segment. 

This study concluded the following:

  • Plan Cloverdale Road for 5-lanes and proceed with the Cloverdale Concept Design
  • Plan Five Mile Road for 5-lanes in the ACHD's Capital Improvement Plan (CIP). Acquire right-of-way with development.

When these segments of Five Mile Road or Maple Grove Road become closer to being programmed, it is recommended that it be reevaluated which has the priority of needing 5-lanes. If the property along Maple Grove Road experiences a significant amount of redevelopment, it may make sense to rebuild it to 5- lanes because it has a higer travel demand.


Time Frame

Start Date:
December 2007
End Date:
May 2008

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