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Fairview and Main Local Streets Improvement Plan

General Description:

The Fairview and Main Local Streets Plan was adopted by the ACHD Commission on January 25, 2016.

Project Description

ACHD and the City of Boise are developing a local streets improvement plan for the Fairview Avenue and Main Street area from Whitewater Park Boulevard to 16th Street. The improvement plan was generated by the 30th Street Area Master Plan adopted by the City of Boise in 2012.   

Goals include:

  • Determining if it is feasible to reduce a vehicle lane on both Fairview Avenue and Main Street to add on-street parking.
  • Explore what bicycle and pedestrian enhancements can be implemented along Fairview Avenue and Main Street.
  • The study also includes a proposed local roads network between Idaho Street and the area south of Fairview Avenue.  The proposed streets would be constructed by developers through the redevelopment process.


Time Frame

Start Date:
End Date:

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