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Fairmont Park Subdivision & Vicinity Road Resurfacing (2012)

General Description:

Work on the Fairmont Subdivision Road Resurfacing project began early summer 2012 and finished in late summer 2012.

If you have questions about this project, please contact Rich Girard, ACHD Assistant Maintenance Manager at 387-6323 or Bob Engelmann, ACHD Senior Pavement Mangagement Technician at  e-mail

The project includes work within the Fairmont Park Subdivision and vicinity, located between Milwaukee and Maple Grove and Northview and Fairview in Boise.

Project Description

The project will remove and replace the existing asphalt with new asphalt, which will significantly improve the condition and extend the life of the roadways.

Project Purpose

The asphalt throughout the Fairmont Park Subdivision and on nearby roads is deteriorated with significant cracking that is beyond the repair of a chipseal or other overlay treatment. Because of the extent of the deterioration, ACHD will remove and replace the asphalt surface.

Extensive work will occur on Fairmeadow Drive between Fairview Avenue and Stonehaven Street. It is anticipated the work will take two weeks to complete. During that time, access may be limited.

Construction Impacts

Crews will work daytime hours, generally between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. on weekdays. Weekend work is posslbe. Construction impacts may include, but are not limited to:

  • Noise
  • Jackhammering
  • Large equipment and crews working in the area
  • Temporary driveway restrictions (contractor will work with affected residents)
  • Lane restrictions with flagging
  • Delays
  • On-street parking restrictions
  • Rough road surface
  • Temporary sidewalk closures
  • Temporary access restrictions

When driveway access impacts are necessary, the contractor will work with the affected property owner(s). To reduce impacts to residents, the contractor will be limited in the number of streets that can be worked on at once and will be required to pave streets within five calendar days of removing existing asphalt.

The contractor will notify residents 48 hours before performing work on the roadway in front of their home.

Steps Involved in Resurfacing Work

  • Remove existing asphalt with milling machine
  • Even out layer beneath asphalt; repair where necessary
  • Pave road with new asphalt; compact asphalt & allow to cool - when asphalt is being compacted/cooling, motorists may be asked to wait up to 15 minutes before driving over it
  • Sidewalk repairs will be made and sidewalk pedestrian ramps will be upgraded where necessary


Time Frame

Start Date:
Late April
End Date:
Late July

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