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Cole Road, Spectrum to Century Way Medians

General Description:

Proposed Improvements

  • Replace existing candlesticks on Cole Road between Spectrum and Century Way with curb and medians.
  • Add additional curbs and medians for safety.
  • Restrict left turns from Century Way (northern portion) onto Cole Road.

All businesses will continue to have left turn in access to their property either from Cole Road or adjacent streets such as Century Way or Spectrum.

Why is ACHD considering this project?

  • ACHD has been incrementally adding candlesticks to this section of Cole Road as safety issues have arisen. The candlesticks have helped increase safety by limiting left turns across a busy five-lane roadway. Unfortunately, candlesticks don't hold up very well and ACHD would like to replace the candlesticks with curb medians.
  • ACHD has also evaluated the advantages and drawbacks to adding curb and medians to other areas along this section of Cole Road and have determined that it would be beneficial.
  • Fortunately, the Century Way loop provides a natural route for most businesses to safely access Cole Road.

Review the design

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Project Purpose

  • Improve safety



Time Frame

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