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Cloverdale Road, Franklin Road to Fairview Avenue

General Description:

The Cloverdale Road project includes improvements to the roadway on Cloverdale between Franklin and Fairview, the Cloverdale and Executive intersection, as well as improvements to Executive Drive. Cloverdale Road between Franklin and Fairview may be closed periodically throughout the duration of the project for deep pipe work.

Cloverdale, Franklin to Fairview, and Executive, Parkdale to President

  • Widen roadway to five lanes with curb, gutter, sidewalk and bike lanes.
  • Add medians at railroad tracks.
  • Construction of drainage pond proposed for north of Driftwood Drive.

Cloverdale and Executive Intersection

  • Widen intersection to include right turn lanes, curb, gutter, sidewalk and bike lanes.

Cloverdale Concept Design

The concept for this project came from the Cloverdale Road Concept Design.



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