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Cartwright Road Reconstruction

General Description:

Cartwright Road from the intersection of Dry Creek Road to Pierce Park Lane will be reconstructed over the next six months to create a wider, safer road. The developers of Cartwright Ranch are doing the estimated $1.6 million project, which was required by Ada County Highway District.

The road will be closed during construction, which starts on April 14, 2008 and will end in early October.

Cartwright will be expanded from a 22-foot-wide road to a 32-foot-wide road with two, 11-foot-wide vehicle lanes and two, 4-foot-wide paved shoulders, which will greatly increase safety for cyclists, pedestrians and stalled cars. The new road will also have one-foot-wide gravel shoulders.

Extensive earth moving forced the road closure. The Cartwright hill between Dry Creek and Pierce Park will be reduced by about 15 feet and the grade reduced from 12-to-14 percent to 10 percent. The Cartwright/Pierce Park intersection will also be rebuilt to eliminate the current, sharp angle and create a more traditional T-shaped intersection.

A second segment of Cartwright Road, the section from the future 36th Street extension to the entrance of the Owyhee Motorcycle Club, is also likely to be widened as part of this project. The current road section ranges from 20 to 25 feet in width and will be reconstructed to the 32-foot-wide section mentioned above: two, 11-foot-wide vehicle lanes, two, 4-feet-wide paved shoulders and two, 1-foot-wide gravel shoulders. This second phase of the work would eliminate the last of the narrow sections of the road and has received preliminary approval from the impacted property owner. The second phase will likely occur in the summer.

The road work is being done in advance of the construction of the Cartwright Ranch Planned Community, which is located on Cartwright Road almost mid way between Dry Creek Road and Pierce Park Lane. The planned community eventually will have 620 homes. The subdivision will be capped at 275 units until the nearby extension of 36th Street to Cartwright Road is made, and that project has not been scheduled. (Until the second segment of Cartwright Road improvements is completed, the subdivision will be limited to 200 homes.) Cartwright Ranch was originally approved as Neville-Nordling Ranch subdivision in June 2001 but was subsequently modified extensively and approved by ACHD and Ada County in early 2008.

Cartwright Ranch is estimated to generate 5,477 vehicle trips a day at build out of the subdivision. As part of the project, two roads will be extended west into Hidden Springs: Hidden Springs Drive and Farm View Drive.

Funding for the road improvements comes from the West Foothills Overlay District, which collects a special impact fee on developments in the area and includes Hidden Springs as well as Cartwright Ranch. No tax dollars or standard impact fees paid by development are being used.


Impact on your Commute

Through early October, motorists will need to detour to Hill Road and Seamans Gulch to access the Hidden Springs area. 


Time Frame

Start Date:
April 7, 2008
End Date:
Early October 2008

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