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36th Street Extension

General Description:

The concept design for the 36th Street Extension was adopted by the ACHD Commissioners on August 26, 2009.

Summary of recommendations:

  • Segment 1 street section
    • Option 3 - Rural cross section with 11.5' travel lanes, 5' bike lanes and a 12' pathway. Estimated cost is $4,670,000.
  • Segment 2 alignment option
  • Traffic calming option at Eyrie and Bison
  • Bison Drive alternative

Staff Report

Concept Report

ACHD has concluded a concept design for 36th Street from Hill Road to Cartwright.  The project includes widening 36th Street between Hill Road and Bison Drive and extending 36th Street to Cartwright Road.  The concept also considered extending Bison Drive to Cartwright.

The project is intended to improve safety and provide additional road width for pedestrian and cyclists.  As growth continues in the foothills, the improved connectivity is expected to help relieve traffic on 15th Street and Harrison Boulevard. 

The concept design considered multiple options for road widths and configurations along with alternatives for the area of the extension. On August 26, 2009 the ACHD Commission adopted the Concept Design with the recommendations shown above.

ACHD has held two public information open houses to outline the concept report. The links to the right mirror the information presented at the October 5, 2006 and December 11, 2008 open houses.

An open house on the 36th Street Roundabout project was also held December 11, 2008 in conjunction with the 36th Street Extension open house.

Design and construction of the extension is currently unfunded.


Time Frame

Start Date:
End Date:

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