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2016 Microseal

General Description:

Starting at the end of July, four downtown Boise streets will be microsealed:

  • W. Main Street between S. 10th Street and S. 13th Street
  • N. 9th Street between Front Street and Idaho Street
  • N. 10th Street between Idaho Street and State Street
  • S. 12th Street between Front Street and State Street

Microseal is a mixture of a polymer modified asphalt emulsion and well-graded aggregates that are placed by a mobile mixing machine. This mixture will seal out the harmful effects of water, UV rays, and oils, protecting and extending the life of the asphalt. Microseal aids in resisting traffic abrasion, fills in voids in the asphalt, and helps to improve traction.

The microseal is quick-setting, and can be applied at night. Traffic may return to a freshly microsealed road in an hour.

Time Frame

Start Date:
July 2016
End Date:

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Project Manager

Ricardo Calderon

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