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2015 Overlays (Road Resurfacing)

General Description:
Overlays are underway in many locations. A list of locations and timelines is below.
Approximate time frames for overlay work are added  closer to the start of construction. Please check back as the list of road segments will be added to and updates to construction schedules will be made, as schedules are impacted by weather and subject to change. If you have questions, please call (208) 387-6100.

Subdivision Overlays

Beginning this Spring 2015, crews working for ACHD will begin work to overlay (resurface) residential streets within neighborhoods in Northwest Boise, North Boise, East Boise, West Boise and Meridian.

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What is an overlay?
Each year the condition of roads throughout Ada County is closely assessed and a priority system is used to determine which roads have the greatest need for re-surfacing. Overlay work generally involves the milling and removal of two inches of existing (failed) asphalt. A fresh layer of asphalt is then applied to the roadway, which will also receive new lane markings. The road segments selected are based on an in-depth ranking system that accounts for wear and deterioration. Pedestrian sidewalk ramps located along the overlay road sections will be removed and replaced if they are not in compliance with Americans with Disability Act (ADA) standards.

Impacts During Construction
Overlay work is typically a fast moving process, but includes several steps, some of which can involve, but are not limited to:

  • General construction noise
  • Ground vibration
  • Equipment safety back up alarms
  • Dust
  • Night work lighting
  • Temporary lane restrictions & delays
  • Pedestrian impacts (sidewalk ramps not compliant with Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards will be removed and replaced)
  • Reduced speeds
  • Flaggers directing traffic
  • Jackhammering around utility manholes in roadways and on pedestrian ramps
  • Uneven driving surface


Night Work
Work on some road segments will be done at night, typically between 7 p.m. and 5 a.m. Working at night  allows construction to occur faster and under safer conditions for residents, motorists and crews, and can reduce the need for lane restrictions or closures. Oftentimes night work is done on roadways and intersections that carry high volumes of traffic where significant impacts to daytime traffic would occur.

FY14 ACHD Overlays, Arterials, & Collectors (Federal Aid)

  • Fairview Avenue from Main Street to Locust Grove Road (Meridian)
  • Franklin Road from Linder Road to N. Main Street (Meridian)
  • Bogus Basin Road from Hill Road to Curling Drive (N. Boise)
  • Castle Drive from Pierce Park Lane to Castle Hills Way (NW Boise)
  • Castle Drive from Castle Hills Way to Hill Road (NW Boise)
  • Hill Road from Gary Lane to Pierce Park Lane (NW Boise)
  • Hill Road from Pierce Park Lane to Holly Hill Drive (NW Boise)
  • Hill Road from Holly Hill Drive to Collister Road (NW Boise)
  • Hill Road from Collister Drive to N. 36th Street (NW Boise)
  • Hill Road Parkway from Seaman Gulch Road to Gary Lane (NW Boise)
  • State Street from Veteran's Memorial Parkway to N. Clover Drive (Boise)


Arterial & Collector Capital Maintenance (2015)

  • Warm Springs Avenue from Broadway Avenue to Starcrest Drive (East Boise)
  • 28th Street from State Street to Hill Road (NW Boise)
  • 36th Street from Hill Road to Hillside Park Entrance to Eyrie Way
  • Cartwright Road from El Pelar Drive to Bogus Basin Road (NW Boise)
  • Sunset Avenue from 36th Street to Hill Road (NW Boise)


2015 Federal and Capital Maintenance

  • Bogus Basin Road from Curling Drive to Milepost 3 (N. Boise)
  • Fairview Avenue from Cloverdale Road to Five Mile Road (W. Boise)
  • Five Mile Road from Ustick Road to McMillan Road (W. Boise) 
  • 13th Street from Shoreline Drive to Front Street (Boise)
  • River Street from Americana Boulevard to N. 9th Street (Boise)
  • Fairview Avenue from N. Bluff Street to Chinden Boulevard Bridge (Boise)
  • Fairview Avenue from Chinden Boulevard Bridge to North Garden Street (Boise)
  • Fairview Connector from N. Orchard Street to Fairview eastbound I-184 off-ramp
  • Westbound I-184 ramp from Chinden Boulevard to Main Street (Boise)
  • Catalpa Drive from Collister Drive to Garden Center Way (Boise)
  • Curling Drive from Bogus Basin Road to Braemere Road (Boise)

Warm Springs Mesa Overlays

  • E. Stone Ridge Way from S. Ridge Point Way to the north end of E. Stone Ridge Way
  • S. Ridge View Way from S. Scyene Way to E. Stone Point Drive
  • E. Latana Street from S. Ridge View Way to Starview Drive


Bogus Basin Road Improvements

  • Bogus Basin Road from Milepost 3 to Milepost 9


Time Frame

Start Date:
Spring 2015
End Date:
Fall 2015

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