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2015 Maintenance Pipe Replacement Project

General Description:

2015 Maintenance Pipe Replacement Project

Four road segments south of Boise have been identified as areas where pipe needs to be replaced in preparation for future overlays.

  • Amity Road, Maple Grove Road to Five Mile Road
  • Trestlewood Street, Five Mile Road to Misty Glen
  • Valley Heights Drive, Hidden Valley Rim to Lake Hazel Road
  • Five Mile Road, Columbia Road to Lake Hazel Road

Before new asphalt is paved on a roadway, consultants work to assess the condition of pedestrian ramps, curbs, valley gutters, manhole lids and pipes. Pipes that are deteriorating must be replaced before the new asphalt is laid.

Time Frame

Start Date:
February 4, 2015
End Date:
Mid-March 2015

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