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2009 Local Overlay Projects

General Description:

Each year the condition of roads throughout Ada County is closely assessed, and a priority system is used to determine which roads have the greatest need for re-surfacing-related maintenance. The 2009 overlay road projects will include the resurfacing of nine road and intersection locations in Ada County.

Roads will be resurfaced using a hot asphalt concrete mix. In some cases they will first be rotomilled - a process that removes 2 inches of the old surface and allows for improved smoothness and appropriate roadway height. Following the rotomill process, roads will receive a new layer of asphalt mix.

Overlay projects are an important component to roadway maintenance. Smooth roads have a longer life because they create a better driving surface, allowing traffic to have less impact on the roadway. The process also replaces weathered and worn materials, resealing the roadbed to prevent moisture from causing major structural damage.

The 2009 overlay projects will also include the upgrade or replacement of pedestrian ramps adjacent to the overlay project locations. Pedestrian ramps will be brought to current Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards where needed.

The following locations will receive overlays:

  • Glenwood Street: Goddard to Chinden - Complete
  • Linder Road: Franklin Rd. to 50' north of railroad crossing - Complete
  • Curtis Road: 150' north of Emerald St. to south ramps at Connector - Complete
  • Victory Road: Cole to Maple Grove - Complete
  • Orchard Street: Emerald to Fairview - Complete
  • Emerald Street: 800' east of Cole Rd. to 150' west of Curtis Rd. - Complete
  • Moon Valley Road: State Highway 44 (State St.) to State Highway 44 (State St.) - Complete
  • Blacks Creek Road: Historical Site Rd. to Mayfield Rd.- Complete
  • Indian Creek Road: I-84 Ramp to Desert Creek Rd. - Complete

Time Frame

Start Date:
Summer 2009
End Date:
Fall 2009

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