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15th Street Bike Lane and Parking Proposal

General Description:

The Ada County Highway District (ACHD) and the City of Boise, are working on a proposal to remove the east parking lane along 15th Street between Bannock and Fort streets to accommodate a wider bike lane.

Currently, the existing bike lane and both parking lanes are narrower than ACHD standards. Parked vehicles frequently spill into the bike lane, which combined with a narrow bike lane, pushes bicyclists into traffic.



  • Remove parking on the east side of 15th Street
  • Widen existing bike lane, parking lane on west side of the street and travel lanes to meet ACHD  standards


On-street Parking Impacts

On-street parking is an essential component of a healthy street network, as it provides convenient access to businesses and residences, while providing a buffer between the sidewalk and the street. While removal of parking is sometimes unavoidable to ensure safe and efficient travel, it is not a decision that ACHD or its partner agencies take lightly. Below is a map that illustrates where parking would be removed if this proposal moves forward.



Time Frame

Start Date:
End Date:

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