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Phillippi Street, Targee Street to Overland Road

ACHD has indefinitely paused ongoing work on the pedestrian signal crossing located at the intersection of Philippi and Overland Roads. 

December 3, 2021 Update: ACHD has indefinitely paused ongoing work on the pedestrian signal crossing located at the intersection of Philippi and Overland Roads. During construction, our project team encountered issues that pose constraints for the planned improvements. With the current design, the contractor is unable to complete the project to standards. As a result, the project will be on hold until ACHD can determine if and when it can progress safely and meet the high standards we value as an agency. Commuters will find that the roadway is now re-opened. Work was started to make pedestrian ramp improvements and ACHD is working to ensure the facilities pose no safety issues for pedestrians during this intermission. We appreciate the community's ongoing patience while we determine the future of this project.


Construction Update August 6, 2021: Paving is now complete. Manhole collars, signs and stripes, and landscaping remain. 

Construction Update June 29, 2021: The storm drainpipe work from Targee to Overland is now complete. The sidewalk base and curb are being placed. 

Construction Update June 4, 2021: Utility work is ongoing. Storm drain pipe work from Targee to Overland is ongoing. Sidewalk excavation is ongoing. Sidewalk and curb work will start June 14th.  

Construction Update May 7, 2021: Crews will be placing sidewalk on Phillippi Street from Malad Street to Targee Street starting today and tomorrow (May 7 and 8). This work may temporarily restrict access to some adjoining homes.  

Starting the week of May 17th, crews will begin work on curb and sidewalk on Phillippi Street between Overland Road and Targee Street. 

Construction Update April 22, 2021: Work on Spaulding started on April 22nd. Crews will begin work to install storm drain pipe on Spaulding Street from Phillippi Street to Eagleson Road on Monday, April 19th. Spaulding Street will be closed but access to homes will be maintained. The work on Spaulding is expected to last 1 week. 

Roadway excavation started on March 15th. Storm drain pipe installation from Targee to Overland has begun. There is ongoing utility and irrigation work. 

Roadway excavation on Phillippi, Malad to Targee is ongoing. 

There was a preconstruction meeting on January 14th. Idaho Power began relocations on February 8th. 

Starting in early February, the Ada County Highway District will begin construction on the Phillippi Street Pedestrian Projects between Malad Street and Overland Road. Tree removal and trimming started in advance of construction to allow for Idaho Power pole relocations. Construction is anticipated to be complete late summer 2021.

During construction neighbors can expect:

  • Phillippi Street to be closed to all but local traffic.
  • Temporary pedestrian detours.
  • General construction noise, dust, equipment back up alarms, and ground vibration.
  • Crews working 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. unless otherwise approved.

 Utility work started in January and will continue throughout the project.


Marathon Pipe Line and Safety

A petroleum pipeline, owned by Marathon Pipe Line (MPL), runs along both sides of Phillippi Street. As a result, ACHD has been working closely with MPL throughout the project development and has continued to do so to ensure that the highest safety standards are being maintained during construction. These safety standards include the Federal Pipeline Safety Standards adopted at 49 C.F.R. Part 195 and include regulations relating to design requirements, construction, pressure testing, operation, and maintenance (including maximum operating pressure, valve maintenance, pipeline repairs, pipe movement, over pressure safety devices, public awareness, damage prevention, and leak detection), qualification of pipeline personnel, and corrosion control. In addition, Idaho has established underground facility damage protection standards and requirements at Title 55, Chapter 22 to ensure any excavation is done safely and carefully, and with knowledge of the location of underground facilities such as the Marathon pipeline.

Additional steps being taken to ensure neighborhood safety:

  • When our contractor, Knife River, is working within 50 feet of the pipelines a MPL representative will be on-site.
  • An ACHD inspector will be on-site on a regular basis.
  • ACHD and Knife River have taken significant efforts to determine the pipeline location.
  • MPL authorized equipment will be used when compaction is required over the pipelines.
  • MPL monitors and controls the pipeline network 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Pressure changes would trigger an immediate alarm at their operations center.
  • Both pipelines are outfitted with valves that can be shut down remotely.
  • MPL has an established Emergency Response Plan, which includes working with local emergency responders and maintaining the proper equipment to address different situations.


 General Description (updated):

  • Construct curb, gutter and sidewalk on east side of Phillippi Street between Targee Street and Overland Road. 
  • Rebuild the street
  • Rebuild existing speed humps
  • Add sharrows (shared lane markings) to designate a shared travel lane for both bicyclists and motorists.
  • Construct bulb outs and update pedestrian ramps
  • Improve stormwater facilities
  • Updated project design
  • Utility work will start in January and will continue throughout the project.

  • This project will be constructed with the Phillippi, Malad to Targee project.

Project Purpose

Increase connectivity and safety for pedestrians and bicyclists.

What is next?

  • December 2017 - Finalize design
  • Fall 2017 thru fall 2018 - Right-of-way purchases
  • 2021 - Construction - this project will be constructed with the Phillippi, Malad to Targee project.


In spring 2018 we learned that the original Phillippi Street design, with sidewalks on both sides of Phillippi, would cause significant impacts to the Marathon (formally Andeavor) petroleum pipelines located on the east and west sides of the street. This design would have required the pipelines to be relocated, an extremely costly endeavor that would cause a hardship to the residents of Phillippi Street during construction.

As a result, the District revisited the original design and assessed the alternatives to meet the purpose and need of this project - to increase connectivity for pedestrian and cyclists - while minimizing the impacts to the pipeline. 


Related Projects

  • Overland and Phillippi Pedestrian Crossing -  This project is currently in the initial draft of the 2018-2022 ACHD Integrated Five-Year Work Plan (IFYWP) that will go before the ACHD Commission for possible adoption on September 27, 2017. If the Plan is adopted, the pedestrian crossing is planned for construction in 2022.
  • Phillippi, Malad to Targee - ACHD will construct improvements on Phillippi, between Malad and Targee with the Phillippi, Targee to Overland in 2021.


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