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Leadville Avenue Bikeway

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If you missed the meetings on Thursday, the materials and handouts are under "Related Documents" to the right of your screen.

General Description

The Ada County Highway District (ACHD) is launching an effort create a successful, bike friendly alternative to Broadway Avenue on nearby Leadville Avenue. Leadville Avenue runs parallel to Broadway Avenue and serves as a connection from Southeast Boise to Broadway Avenue, Boise State University, the Greenbelt and downtown.

Why Leadville?
Leadville Avenue was first identified as a potential bikeway in the 2009 ACHD Roadways to Bikeway Plan, and again in the 2013 Southeast Boise Neighborhood Walking and Biking Plan. These plans identified Leadville Avenue as a much-needed low-stress alternative for bike traffic on Broadway Avenue.

The proposed Leadville Bikeway is intended to serve many users including residents, commuters, students, businesses and recreational cyclists. This bikeway improvement project is part of a larger ACHD effort to facilitate and improve conditions for bicycling in Ada County over the next 50 years.

What is a bikeway?
A bikeway is a route, way, or path that is specifically designed and/or designated for bicycle travel. A bikeway does not preclude vehicular travel, but enhances the roadway character and experience for cyclists.

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Check out the project StoryMap to learn more about the project.


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