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The West ParkCenter Bridge Crossing opened to traffic on May 9, 2001. It was built in two phases. The construction of phase one, which included the area from West ParkCenter Boulevard to Park Boulevard, (the actual construction of the bridge and its approach ways) began on October 20, 1999 and was completed in the spring of 2001.  This included the work that was done to Loggers Creek Bridge on Beacon Street.  

It is important to note that while the actual bridge was not opened for traffic until the Spring, construction of the roadways of Park Blvd., Beacon Street, and ParkCenter Blvd. on both the north and south sides of the river was complete prior to the spring.

Phase two, which included the area from Park Boulevard to Front Street at Broadway Avenue (around the north side of the MK Plaza) begin in July of 2000 and was completed in late November.

In the mid 1960s, discussions and studies began that recognized the need for providing additional traffic capacity across the Boise River to serve the southeast area of Boise. Below is a chronology of studies and events that brought us to the construction of the West ParkCenter River Crossing.

1970 -- The Boise Metropolitan Transportation Study adopted an initial plan for serving the southeast Boise area. This plan sought to adopt a new way to handle traffic in the southeast area of Boise. This study also concluded that future development would only increase the traffic on Warm Springs Avenue, Boise Avenue and Federal Way.

Late 1970s -- The Southeast Boise Area Corridor Study was completed and determined that the southeast area was a high priority growth area with three distinct communities of about equal population potential. It was concluded that neither Warm Springs Avenue nor Boise Avenue could accommodate the future vehicle trips from the southeast area. This study recommended a southeast corridor arterial with river crossings at the west and east ends. As a result, the new five-lane West ParkCenter Boulevard was built to accommodate the new traffic that development would bring. However, the river crossings were not built.

1980 -- ACHD commissioned a study to further evaluate the west connections of the southeast corridor. This study identified a number of methods to construct a west connection one of which was the West ParkCenter River Crossing.

1993 -- The Southeast Corridor Study was performed to evaluate crossing the Boise River at the west end of ParkCenter Boulevard, the east end of ParkCenter Boulevard or at both ends. During the course of this study, three public information meetings were held to gather additional public input. The results of this study recommended a river crossing on the west end of ParkCenter Boulevard as soon as possible and one on the east end when warranted by development.

1994 -- The West ParkCenter River Crossing Preliminary Planning and Design Study was performed for ACHD to further evaluate alternatives for providing a Boise River crossing at the west end of ParkCenter Boulevard. Public information and input was gathered by working with a Citizens’ Advisory Committee and a Technical Advisory Committee. The results of this study found that the best method for providing adequate transportation connections from the Boise city center to connections in south and southeast Boise was to build the West ParkCenter River Crossing and expand the existing Broadway Bridge.

1996 -- The ACHD Commissioners adopted the findings of the West ParkCenter River Crossing Preliminary Planning and Design Study. As a result of the study, preliminary plans for the West ParkCenter River Crossing were authorized.

1998 -- A Habitat Evaluation Procedure Study and the wetland mitigation site plans were developed. A final public information meeting was held. This meeting presented the West ParkCenter River Crossing plans and illustrations to assist the public in understanding the proposed design of the bridge.

The ACHD Commissioners authorized the preparation of final construction plans for the West ParkCenter River Crossing with planned construction scheduled for the Fall of 1999.


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