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East ParkCenter Bridge

General Description:

The East ParkCenter Bridge opened to traffic on Tuesday, September 29, 2009 -- nearly six weeks ahead of schedule. Vehicle, bicycle and pedestrian traffic started flowing across the span following a short dedication ceremony. Click East ParkCenter Bridge Start to Finish to watch a slideshow of the project from start to finish.

How do Greenbelt users on the north side of the river access the East ParkCenter bridge?

Greenbelt users can access the bridge via the new ParkCenter Boulevard for the near term by using the interim path (click Greenbelt Map for map). In the future the Greenbelt will run closer to the river, replacing the existing path along the new ParkCenter Boulevard. The new Greenbelt will be completed in pieces, starting with the Marianne Williams Park, which is now under construction by the City of Boise, and with the adjacent Harris Ranch development in coming years.


Project Description

The East ParkCenter Bridge is a river crossing that now connects ParkCenter Boulevard to Warm Springs Avenue and gives Barber Valley residents a better route to downtown Boise.

  • The bridge has four travel lanes, curbs, gutters, sidewalks, bike lanes and a Greenbelt connection.
  • There is a traffic signal at the intersection of Bown Way and ParkCenter Boulevard.
  • There is a new intersection at Warm Springs Avenue and ParkCenter Boulevard. Click Warm Springs Ave./ParkCenter Blvd. Intersection for an illustration (drawn prior to construction).

East ParkCenter Bridge Start to Finish

East ParkCenter Bridge Slideshow


Pile Driving Process:


Time Frame

Start Date:
End Date:
November 2009

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