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Ustick Road Concept Design, from Eagle Road to Five Mile Road

General Description

The ACHD Commission approved the Ustick Corridor Concept Design on February 24, 2010, making a few adjustments to the overall plan that will guide the construction of the roadway from Five Mile Road to Duane Drive.

The concept calls for a road that changes character across five different segments, depending on the nearby land uses (schools, commercial or historical areas), the amount (or lack of) available right-of-way and other factors. Most of the sidewalks will be wider-than-usual and separated from the road. Some common features will be:

  • 11-foot-wide vehicle lanes
  • 6.5-foot-wide bicycle lanes
  • Planter strips and center lane medians in most sections

At the adoption hearing, Commissioners put a proposal to locate at traffic signal at Shamrock Avenue or Bryson Way on hold, although the underground conduit needed to put in signals will be installed when the road is expanded. Any consideration of improving and connecting Shamrock north of Ustick Road to Ustick will be put off until parallel sections of Cloverdale and Five Mile roads are completed. Also, Commissioners directed that the bicycle lanes, which were proposed to vary between 5.5 feet and 6.5 feet in width depending on the section, will be 6.5 feet wide. Space for the increased bicycle lanes will be taken from the sidewalks, planter strips or buffer areas.

At the same meeting where the concept was approved, Commissioners adopted a schedule to rebuild Ustick from Five Mile to Duane Drive in 2014, at least two years earlier than previously planned.

Adopted Ustick Road Concept Design:

Introduction, Project Description, Public Involvement Summary, Traffic Assessment, Design Criteria

Appendix A: Conceptual Design/Traffic Assessment Report

Appendix B: Steering Committee Meeting Summary

Appendix C: Public Open House Summary - Includes Public Comments (large files)

Appendix D: Addendum to Concept Report

Appendix E: Commission and City Council Reports

Project Description

This project seeks to accommodate future traffic volumes, improve connectivity and increase the overall safety of Ustick Road by evaluating vehicular, bicycle and pedestrian options. ACHD utilized the West Valley Community Center Plan to develop the concept design.

Three public open houses were held to present information on the concept design and gather public input. To view displays and materials from all of the open houses held for this project, please click on "View All," located under "Related Documents" on the upper right hand side of this page.

Time Frame

Start Date: Concept Design, 2007
End Date: 2010