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Justin Bledsoe
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Amity Corridor Roundabout Study

General Description

The Amity Corridor Study recommendations were adopted by ACHD Commissioners in January, 2008. The study evaluated six intersections from McDermott to Eagle Road along Amity as possible locations for roundabouts with the intent of improving traffic flow and safety. The study compared roundabouts versus traffic signals at each intersection to determine whether traffic control measures was warranted and which would be most effective.

Final Report

Project Purpose

Amity Road was chosen for this study for several reasons, one is because of its current rural nature, which provides space for potential roundabouts. The goal is to plan for future growth and to determine what traffic control measures, if any, would be the most effective in the Amity Road area. The Amity Corridor is used frequently as a parallel alternate access to Interstate 84. The use of roundabouts on this corridor would lend to consistency with the existing roundabout on Amity in Canyon County, would increase traffic flow and would improve safety.

Criteria for Roundabout Consideration

A list of criteria was used in assessing whether a roundabout would effectively work at each intersection. Among the criteria:

  • Right-of-way impacts
  • Crash data
  • Pedestrian use
  • Topography & grade
  • Traffic speed
  • Current & future traffic volumes

Time Frame

Start Date: 2007
End Date: 2008