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Ricardo Calderon
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2017 Residential Capital Maintenance

General Description

2017 Residential Capital Maintenance

Starting in mid-March 2017, the Ada County Highway District will begin pavement improvements on select streets in eight Ada County Neighborhoods:

  • Amyx Jay Subdivision
  • William Harris Subdivision
  • Eagleson Park No. 4 Subdivision
  • Sorensen No. 3 Subdivision
  • Southwestern Subdivision
  • Fox Meadow Subdivision
  • B Bar B Acres Unit 1
  • Butler Sunview Estates
Construction will consist of either:

  • Removing the entire existing pavement and repaving

  • Milling the top two inches of pavement, followed by repaving
  • Repairs to sidewalks, curbs, and pedestrian ramps will be completed at select locations.

Street sections included in this work are:

  • Ambleside Drive, Waldon Street to Merlene Drive
  • Merlene Drive, Diamond Street to Beverly Street
  • Beverly Street, Diamond Street to Victory Road
  • Diamond Street W., Cole Road to Beverly Street
  • Delwood Drive, Cole Road to Beverly Street
  • Bigwood Drive W., Five Mile Road to S. Mistyglen Avenue
  • Mistyglen Avenue, S. End to N. End (Trestlewood Street)
  • Littlewood Street W., Southdale Avenue to Ironwood Avenue
  • Oseola Place, Kiowa Drive to N. End
  • Kiowa Drive Court, Kiowa Drive to E. End
  • Comanche Circle, Desert Avenue to N. End
  • Conestoga Place, S. End to Colt Drive
  • Cochees Way Court, Cochees Way to N. End
  • Sandbrook Court, Cole Road to E. End
  • Grubstake Drive, Ambush to Packtrain Avenue
  • Packtrain Avenue, Mojave Drive to Grubstake Drive
  • Ambush Avenue S., Snohomish Street to Grubstake Drive
  • Mojave Drive W., S. Rawhide Avenue to Cole Road
  • Goiri Street, Boise Street to Mendi Place N.
  • Cedar Avenue, Avalon Street to N. End
  • School Street, Avalon Street to Owyhee Street
  • Pyrite Street W., S. End to N. Nugget Street
  • Shady Grove Court, S. End to 4th Street
  • Normandie Circle, Normandie Drive to N. End
  • Sunrise Rim Road, W. End to Elder Street
  • Greenbrier Drive, Orchard Street to Pond Street
  • Camrose Lane, N. Owyhee Street to Kipling Road
  • Picardy Place, Camrose Lane to N. End
  • Kipling Road, Latah Street to Cresent Rim Drive
  • Tulara Drive, Kipling Road to Kipling Road
  • Latah Street, S. End to Targee Street
  • Palouse Street, Pacific Street to Owyhee Street
  • Palouse Street, Roosevelt Street to Pacific Street
  • Gourley Place, Malad Street to N. End
  • Hervey Street, Cherry Lane to Lemhi Street
  • Frederick Street, Helen Street to Columbus Street
  • Judith Street, Helen Street to Columbus Street
  • Helen Street, Jean Street to Pendleton Street
  • Clark Street, Columbus Street to Loveland Street


Time Frame

Start Date: Mid-March 2017
End Date: Mid-June 2017