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Highlands Neighborhood Traffic & Pedestrian Safety Plan

General Description

ACHD commissioned Six Mile Engineering to conduct an independent analysis of the Highlands improvements, which were installed in mid-2016. The firm's report is available in the documents section on this page and will be discussed at the April 26, 2017 Commission meeting. Given the considerable interest in the topic, neither ACHD staff nor Six Mile will provide comment in advance of the Commission meeting, which will allow all parties to receive the same information simultaneously.

The ACHD Commission in July initiated a package of improvements to address traffic safety issues within the Highlands area of Boise after an extensive public involvement process. Some of the changes have already been implemented (traffic diversion at Braemere/Curling and stop signs at Selkirk and Whidden), while others will not be completed until spring 2017 (new crosswalks, walking paths).

The Commission instructed staff to make the changes and to monitor the impact to confirm if the desired outcomes are achieved. Commissioners said they would address any problems once the changes have been implemented and the results become clear.

Here are the enhancements by street:

Highland View Drive:

  • Stop signs at Selkirk and Whidden – installed
  • Curb-protected walking path from Parkhill to 900 feet east of Selkirk (ties into existing sidewalk) – spring [Updated on 10/3/16 to note extension of curbing beyond Braemere to Parkhill, as Commission-directed.]
  • Crosswalks at several locations (once demand has been verified) – spring
  • Review of pedestrian/bike facilities, Parkhill to Braemere – spring
Upper Braemere (northeast of Curling):
  • Stop signs at Balmoral and Chardie/Harcourt – installed
  • Radar speed sign – spring
  • Potential crosswalks at several locations – once demand has been verified – spring

Lower Braemere (Highland View Drive to Curling):
  • Diverter on Braemere at Curling, sending traffic toward Bogus Basin Road – installed
  • Sidewalk on northwest side of Ranch – to be determined
Bogus Basin:
  • Install sidewalk in gaps north of Curling – to be determined
  • Enhance lighting at southwest corner of Bogus/Curling – fall 2016
  • In-pavement pedestrian sign at Bogus/Curling – fall 2016
  • Advance warning sign approaching Ranch – installed
  • Install all-way stop signs at Braemere with pedestrian ramp and new crosswalk – completed
  • Install candle-protected, walking path along south side of Curling from Braemere to Cashmere – fall 2016
  • Stripe a walking path along south Cashmere to Selkirk – spring
  • Assess crosswalk treatment in front of Hillside Elementary in conjunction with Boise School District; evaluate school property for drop off/pickup and parking improvements – to be determined
  • Stripe six-foot-wide path on north Cashmere (Whidden to Curling) and evaluate impact – spring
  • Stripe six-foot-wide path on west side of Whidden (Cashmere to Highland View Drive), implement “no parking” restrictions (vet with residents) to improve safety of route to school – spring

Project Background:

With the planned development of the Highlands Cove Subdivision, both ACHD and the City of Boise placed requirements on the developer to help with the additional traffic. ACHD has been working on a plan and needs the neighborhood’s input before moving forward. Residents in the Highlands neighborhood are invited to review proposed ideas to help with speeding, cut-through traffic and pedestrian safety.

Materials from the April 6, 2016 Open House

Materials from the open house can be found under "Related Documents" to the right of your screen.


Learn more about the North Boise Neighborhood Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan.

Time Frame

Start Date: Summer 2016
End Date: Spring 2017