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Ryan Head
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Kuna Downtown Corridor Plan

General Description

The Kuna Downtown Corridor Plan was adopted by the ACHD Commissioners on Wednesday, October 24, 2012. Click here to view the final plan.

Project Description

  • A plan to identify how residents and visitors get to, through and around the downtown using all modes of travel.
  • The goal is to identify projects and priorities for intersections; pedestrian, bicycle, and transit facilities; and truck routes along the Avalon Street/Main Street/Bridge Street corridor, between School Avenue and Kay Street.

Purpose of the study is to:

  • Define the current and desired function of Kuna’s downtown transportation and access for all modes of travel – vehicles, bicycles, pedestrians, transit, trucks.
  • Evaluate existing and future vehicular, pedestrian, bicycle and agricultural truck patterns, circulation and operations for downtown.
  • Identify desired Downtown parking operations
  • Identify Downtown access management strategies
  • Help ACHD and the City determine Downtown improvement projects and priorities
  • Determine where improvements are needed along the Avalon Street /Main Street / Bridge Street corridor between School Road and Kay Avenue.
  • Near the end of the study, conceptual design work will begin on one of the following projects, while the others will be programmed for coming years:
    • Avalon Street between Orchard Avenue and Linder Avenue
    • Avalon Street/Swan Falls Road intersection
    • Linder Avenue/Main Street/3rd Street intersection
    • Bridge Avenue/Avenue D/ and Main/3rd intersection
    • Avalon Street/Bridge Avenue/Shortline Street intersection

Plan will recommend improvements and programming strategies thru year 2035.

Time Frame

Start Date: TBD
End Date: TBD