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Ryan Cutler
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Cole Road Concept Design

General Description

The Cole Road Project is now in the process of being designed. Click here for more information.


The Cole Road Concept Design was adopted by the ACHD Commission on January 9, 2013. 

The concept design report proposes widening Cole Road between the I-84 Interchange westbound on-ramp and the Franklin Road intersection to five lanes, widening the Cole and Franklin intersection, exploring a connection road from Cole Road to Auto Drive, just north of the Harrison Hotel, and recommends the west option for realigning the intersection at Cole and McMullen.

For more information contact Ryan Cutler, ACHD Project Manager, at 387-6202 or


  • Explore options for widening Cole Road between the I-84 Interchange westbound on-ramp and the Franklin Road intersection.
  • Evaluate intersections along the corridor, including the Franklin/Cole and McMullen/Cole intersections.
  • Explore access management options for the corridor.

Project Purpose

  • Improve safety
  • Improve traffic operations
  • Explore access management options
  • Ease congestion along Cole Road

Where is the concept at in the process?

The Cole Concept is in the very beginning phase, the “concept” stage. At this stage ideas are being explored and nothing has been designed.

What are the challenges for this project?

  • Impacts to adjacent property owners & neighborhoods
  • Canal
  • Utilities expensive to move
  • Business and neighborhood access
  • McMullen/Cole intersection
  • Constrained corridor
  • Hill section just north of McMullen Street



Time Frame

Start Date:
End Date: