Design & Construction Review

The Design & Construction Review is a monthly status report on the progress of projects in the planning or design, the acquisition (right-of-way) or the construction phase. From this document, the reader can learn the basic scope of work, the start and target completion dates and the current status of each phase. The key ACHD individuals involved are also identified.

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The following abbreviations and notations appear in the document:

  • Amt -- The amount of funds allocated for this phase
  • Comp -- Estimated completion date, which can vary because of a additions or deletions to the project, because of schedule-disrupting weather or because of other factors
  • Consultant -- Individual or firm hired to assist ACHD
  • Contact -- Point of contact for identified entity
  • Contractor -- Firm hired for construction
  • Design By -- Entity responsible for project design
  • Hot Project -- A designation given to projects complicated by cost, scope, technical challenges or other factors
  • NTP -- Notice to Proceed, the date that work in this phase was to begin
  • PrjMgr -- Project Manager, person responsible for coordinating details of this phase. (Questions regarding this portion of the project should be directed to this individual.)
  • PrjRep -- ACHD representative overseeing the work onsite
  • Project Coordinator -- The key individual on a designated "Hot Project" who knows all of the details -- generally the best source of information.
  • ResEngr -- Resident Engineer, engineer who oversees project
  • Status -- Estimate of the progress for this phase

For more information on the projects listed or contact information, please call ACHD Public Information at 387-6107 or 387-6108