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Year in Review

Happy holidays from the Ada County Highway District! We wish all of you a tremendously happy and healthy holiday season!

As we look to the arrival of 2021 in just a couple of weeks, it's a perfect time to reflect on all of our accomplishments this year. It's a long list, but we wanted you to know how hard we've worked this year (and will continue to work) to make improvements throughout our community.

So, without further ado, THE LIST:

  • Completed 1,048 plan submittals
  • Assessed 180 commercial impact fees for $10,111,555 
  • Issued 5,504 permits 
  • Held 118 subdivision pre-construction briefings
  • Completed 980 development applications
  • Finalized 6,830 line locations
  • Worked 719 signal trouble calls and 259 after-hours calls
  • Striped 2,375.8 lane miles
  • Completed 785 pavement markings
  • Installed 12,800 reflective pavement markers
  • Made 2,518 traffic signs
  • Installed 5,092 traffic signs
  • Worked 511 traffic sign trouble calls
  • Completed 686 traffic investigations
  • Issued 513 traffic engineering work orders
  • Reviewed 4,755 traffic control and 111 special events permits
  • Modified 952 signal timing plans
  • The ACHD traffic "signal in service" rate stands at 99.99%
  • 93.61% of ACHD's principal arterials are at a Level of Service E or better
  • Answered 2,349 Tellus inquiries with an 86% one-week turnaround
  • Had 523,264 total hits on ACHD's website
  • Repaired 13,929 linear feet of sidewalk and 126 pedestrian ramps
  • Built 54,037 linear feet of new sidewalks and 251 new pedestrian ramps costing $3,323,215.40
  • Average Pavement Condition Index remains in the top Very Good category with two arterial lane miles (out of 1,147), three collector lane miles (out of 695), and 25 residential lane miles (out of 3,203, in the poor category.
  • Completed 342.47 bicycle lane miles, 206.85 of which were in Boise
  • ACHD was once again rated as having the best roads in Idaho and in the top tier of roads in the Northwest by NCI Engineering (California)
  • Filled 1,604 potholes within 24 hours of notification
  • Completed or have under construction 13 Safe Routes to School projects
  • Completed or have under construction 40 Community Programs projects
  • ACHD's Compliance and Safety Training was 99%
  • ACHD's administrative overhead was 6.6%
  • ACHD's Commuteride displaced 7,234,981 single occupancy vehicle miles and removed 5,674 tons of carbon dioxide from the environment.
  • Last but not least, our Maintenance crews rescued ducks from ACHD storm drain facilities 18 times this year.

This list is not only a tally of accomplishments - it is a testimonial to the devotion of the Ada County Highway District staff and Commission to our mission and to the people we serve. We look forward to all of the projects, potholes, plan submittals, chip sealing, permits, winter maintenance, Commission meetings, and blogs we will undertake in 2021. We look forward to serving all of you. As Frank Sinatra said, "The best is yet to come."

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Digital Media Coordinator

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