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TDS Metrocom Installing Fiber Optic Lines in Ada County

While ACHD has numerous projects going on that involve work in the public right-of-way, one Wisconsin-based company is in the process of installing over 700 miles of underground fiber network, and 120 miles overhead in Meridian and the surrounding areas over the next three years.

TDS Metrocom (TDS) is installing fiber optics lines throughout Ada County for internet access. The new network will provide 1GB for residential customers and up to 10GB of broadband internet access for businesses. The network will provide access to more than 57,000 homes and businesses in the county. Several contractors/subcontractors have been hired to perform the work including Quanta Telecom, KGPCo, and Teletech Drill.

ACHD issued a Master Fiber Optic Facilities Permit to TDS to install fiber optic facilities in the public rights-of-way, something ACHD has done with other fiber optics companies as well. As a regulated public utility, TDS is authorized under Idaho law to install their facilities within the public right-of-way, utility easements, or other platted easements dedicated for that purpose. The purpose of the permit is to regulate time, place, and manner of the installation.

The Master Fiber Optic Facilities Permit requires TDS to obtain a separate permit for each work area, submit temporary traffic control plans, and abide by all ACHD policies for the installation of fiber and repairs to their systems.

If you have any concerns or issues related to this work, all inquiries must be directed to TDS. In most cases, the TDS field supervisor should provide proof of any legal basis for the work on your property. Concerned customers can contact TDS at 1-855-259-8576.

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