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ACHD Continues to Improve Pedestrian Safety

Last June, ACHD began installing new software and controller upgrades to traffic signals with flashing yellow arrows. The RedB4Ped software eliminates the flashing yellow arrow signal for a turning vehicle when a pedestrian has activated the pedestrian button and is given the signal to cross.The upgrade is designed to eliminate the conflict between left-turning vehicles and pedestrians.To date, the RedB4Ped software upgrades have been installed at the following intersections:

  • Adams and VMP
  • Parkcenter and River Run
  • Parkcenter and Pennsylvania
  • Parkcenter and Law
  • Parkcenter and Bown
  • Eagle and State
  • Eagle and Floating Feather
  • Curtis and Franklin
  • State and Dewey
  • State and Collister
  • Orchard and Irving

"Pedestrian safety is not only a top priority at ACHD, but we continually look for new technology and solutions that enhance safety for all users," said Gary Inselman, ACHD Deputy Director of Development and Technical Services. "We are excited about the advancements in pedestrian signal technology that have been made and the opportunity to implement them here in Ada County."Approximately 220 Ada County intersections will be upgraded to the RedB4Ped technology by the end of September 2020.

ACHD begins pilot project for touchless pedestrian sensors

ACHD also began a pilot project a couple of weeks ago with a local pedestrian safety company, the Campbell Company, who has developed a touchless option for pedestrians.The new signal detects a "waving" motion from 2-3 inches from the sensor. The sensor has a no-contact locating tone for persons who cannot see to identify it, and verbal location information and cues are included. People can choose to "bump" the ped crossing button in the traditional way or use the touchless option.

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