Development Services
Gary Inselman
Department Manager
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Development Services Department

The Development Services Department is responsible for reviewing all development applications, street improvement plans and construction, and final plats to ensure conformance to District standards and policy. The Department consists of two Sections: Planning Review and Development Review.

Planning Review

The Planning Review Section is responsible for the review of all development applications within Ada County and the six cities within Ada County. The Section reviews and assesses the potential impacts that proposed developments will have on the transportation system, analyzes and evaluates the preliminary development proposals for conformance to District policy, prepares staff reports including the District’s site specific conditions of approval, and presents the staff recommendations to the ACHD Board of Commissioners for action.

Development Review Division

The Development Review Section is responsible for the review and approval of all development related street improvement plans and subdivision final plats to ensure conformance with District site specific conditions of approval, standards and Policies. The Section processes all development related right-of-way acquisitions through the Corridor Preservation Program; negotiates and coordinates Cooperative Development Agreement projects whereby developers construct certain road and/or intersection projects on behalf of ACHD; and issues the Districts final acceptance of a development or subdivision plat once the required street improvements have been completed to District standards.

The Section includes the District’s Subdivision/Bridge Inspection & Zone Inspection groups. These groups issue right-of-way permits and perform inspections for all new public road improvements constructed through development; contracts and inspects small ACHD capital projects; regularly inspects all bridges under the District’s jurisdiction for safety, condition and compliance with national bridge standards; and inspects all work performed by utilities and private contractors within the District’s right-of-way.

Development Review staff also administers the Districts Development Impact Fee Program. The program is for planning and financing new ACHD system improvements (arterial roads and intersections) needed to serve new growth and development and includes development of the ACHD 20 year Capital Improvement Plan; all of which are necessary to promote and accommodate orderly growth and development in Ada County.


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