Community Programs Selection and Implementation Process

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Option #1: Reach out to Partner Agencies

Each year partner agencies are asked to submit a list of project priorities for inclusion in the Integrated Five-Year Work Plan (IFYWP). The IFYWP sets forth the strategies, projects and priorities which ACHD will pursue over the next five years. Partner agency priorities assist ACHD in understanding the importance of improvements at a higher level. Individuals should reach out to our partner agencies to find out how to be part of the process. When your city/county joins you in supporting your request, it can help elevate the importance of a project making it easier for the project to be included in the IFYWP.

  • Ada County:
    Brent Moore, Send an email, or call: 208-287-7900
  • Boise State University:
    Drew Alexander, Send an email, or call: 208-426-1268
  • City of Boise:
    Karen Gallagher, Send an email, or call: 208-608-7094
  • City of Eagle:
    Nichoel Baird Spencer, Send an email, or call: 208-939-0227
  • City of Garden City:
    Jenah Thornborrow, Send an email, or call: 208-472-2921
  • City of Kuna:
    Doug Hanson, Send an email, or call: 208-922-5274
  • City of Meridian:
    Caleb Hood, Send an email, or call: 208-884-5533
  • City of Star:
    Shawn Nickel, Send an email, or call: 208-286-7569
  • Valley Regional Transit:
    Stephen Hunt, Send an email, or call: 208-258-2701

School Districts

Option #2: Submit a Community Programs Application

Goal: To provide citizens and neighborhood groups with a clear and direct way to request enhancement projects in the public right-of-way. This application offers each citizen an opportunity to address wanted improvements in their neighborhood, particularly those that provide pedestrian and bicycle safety, mobility, and connectivity (such as sidewalks).

  • Who can submit? Applications may be submitted by either individual citizens or neighborhood associations.
  • Types of Projects: The application process is intended to address needs on local/neighborhood streets and collector streets.
  • Right-of-Way Dedication: If right-of-way (land) is required for project completion, please understand that ACHD will require that all landowners who stand to benefit from the project donate the required property. This ensures broad support for the project.
  • Project Priority: Since funds are limited, projects will be prioritized on an annual basis. Priority will be based on several factors such as distance to schools, traffic volume on the street, outside funding, etc.
  • Funding: Additional funds provided for the project by the applicant, partnering cities, neighborhood associations, or other sponsoring organizations add points to an application. Note: Since school routes are the ACHD Commission's top priority, the majority of Community Programs funds will be allotted toward those projects.
  • Timing: Depending on the complexity or cost, it may take several years to complete the necessary planning and construction of a successful project.

If you are interested in a project, please fill out the Community Programs Application. Return your completed application to: ACHD, 3775 Adams St., Garden City, ID 83714 or through TellUs. Community Program Projects applications can be submitted any time. Thank you for your interest in improving your neighborhood.

Option #3: Reach out to your ACHD Commissioner

Learn more about the ACHD Commissioners, locate the Commissioner District you reside in, and how to contact your Commissioner.

For additional information:

ACHD Main Line: 208-387-6100
Planning and Projects  208-387-6119
Or contact us at: Tell Us

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