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ACHD's Road Wizard Sunday, November 11, 2018 ACHD's Road Wizard

Holes on corner of State Street and Ulmer Lane; no-parking signs linger too long between Jefferson and State streets; tree trimming at the stop signs at 31st and Irene streets; delineator posts at the Fairview Avenue and Stonehenge Way intersection

The Road Wizard Replies

Dear Road Wizard: I am writing to you about two holes on the southeast corner of State Street and Ulmer Lane in Garden City. There was one big indentation in the road next to a curb and cars turning right onto State from Ulmer were hard-pressed to avoid the hole. Now there is a second hole that has formed. Please have ACHD assess this situation. My car alignment thanks you!


Road Wizard:

What your poor vehicle is traveling over is the combination of a sidewalk ending and the pavement beginning. The Idaho Transportation Department built up the pavement at the corner a while back, then more recently put a layer of fresh pavement over the whole road. At the turn, the pavement ended up being a couple of inches higher than the curbing.

Talk about bad curb appeal! The high, low, then hole issue seems to be getting worse under the continuous thump of right-turning traffic. ACHD is going to patch the area as a temporary fix, then return later to remove the problematic curbing and parts of the sidewalk. More pavement will go into the space, which should smooth out the turn, and work is expected to take place in the coming year.

Dear Road Wizard: I live on 3rd Street in Boise. The block between Jefferson and State streets has has "No Parking" signs but no work has been done during that time. Did someone forget to remove the signs or is something being planned? It has meant the loss of a number of parking spaces which makes more competition for the remaining spaces.


Road Wizard:

The traffic control company associated with work done in the area has since removed the no-parking signs, but there are still some items that need to be picked up. There are penalties for preventing parking longer than the permitted time frame, but in this case ACHD simply reminded the contractor to pack it up.

Dear Road Wizard: I was wondering if you could please trim the branches around a "stop sign ahead" sign, as I think it is contributing to southbound traffic often running the stop sign at 31st and Irene streets. This is becoming a scary intersection with so many near-misses. The stop sign itself is also somewhat obscured by trees.


Road Wizard:

I can't "see" your point - there are too many trees! Actually, help was clearly needed. ACHD relocated the "stop ahead" sign, trimmed around the new location, then cut branches around the stop sign.

Dear Road Wizard: There is an issue with the delineator posts at the Fairview Avenue and Stonehenge Way intersection. The location and angle do not allow for cars to accumulate to turn (there are at least two apartment complexes at this entrance), nor room for emergency vehicles. The angle of the posts is too abrupt to maneuver at the posted speed limit.


Road Wizard:

What you are hoping to get fixed was actually a fix for another problem. ACHD was made aware that eastbound drivers were entering the shared center-turn lane on Fairview too far back as they waited to make a left turn at the Fairview and Locust Grove Road intersection. The waiting vehicles were blocking westbound drivers wishing to turn left from Fairview onto Stonehenge.

ACHD will see if the posts need reposting. The posts may not be pretty, but they are pretty easy to move.

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