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Dead trees and weeds in the median island where Ustick Road drops down to Curtis Road in Garden City; chip seal crews skip 44th Street in Garden City but will return; frequent truck parking in bike lane on Yamhill Road between Federal Way and Lake Forest Drive; dirt parking area involved in signal malfunction at Beacon Street and Park Center Boulevard

The Road Wizard Replies

Dear Road Wizard: Is ACHD planning to do something with the median island where Ustick Road drops down to Curtis Road in Garden City? It just keeps looking worse all the time. It has weeds and dying trees but little else. Also, I needed to turn left from Warm Springs Avenue onto Pierce Street this past week and had a difficult time seeing the road signs because of overgrown tree branches. I had to slow way down as I approached each street that turned left as I tried to see the street signs.


Road Wizard:

The median island on Ustick is the responsibility of Garden City. I'd say that they are the right people for the job because the dead trees and weeds were recently removed and replaced with new trees and landscaping rocks.

The trees along Warm Springs are thriving, and ACHD trimmed the branches so drivers won't have to pause and peek in search of street names.

Dear Road Wizard: I see that all of the numbered streets in Garden City west of Veterans Memorial Parkway have been chip sealed and fogged except for 44th Street. What's the plan for that street? I'm hoping it gets fully repaved as it is a horrible uneven mess.


Road Wizard:

The plan was to repave 44th between Chinden Boulevard and Adams Street within a few years, but the paving project was pulled due to ACHD budget constraints. Instead, all of 44th will get a fresh chip seal this season.

Dear Road Wizard: Frequent truck parking on the south side of Yamhill Road between Federal Way and Lake Forest Drive is eroding the asphalt in the bike lane. Sometimes the trucks are actually parked in the bike lane which pushes bikes from the bike lane into the road. There are "No Parking" signs but they are obviously ignored and probably hard to enforce. What about a few Jersey barriers to deflect truck parking?


Road Wizard:

Options for this situation included putting up a concrete barrier right away, sending police officers over to issue parking tickets, or communicating with the food service company drivers who are picking illegal parking spots.

ACHD chose the "build a bridge instead of build a Jersey wall" approach and reminded the company that the area is a no parking zone. Boise Police officers have committed to talking with any drivers who aren't obeying the signs. If the problem persists, the other options may be appropriate, although any barrier would not be of the Jersey variety.

Dear Road Wizard: I believe the light at Beacon Street and Park Center Boulevard is malfunctioning. I travel along Park Center a few times a week early in the morning and the past two weeks the signal has been acting funny. It is red on Park Center when there is no cross street traffic. It gives a green to Beacon and then to the dirt lot across from Beacon.


Road Wizard:

I can't think of many dirt lots that get traffic signal attention, but this Boise River Greenbelt access point and parking area falls into that category.

There is traffic detection and green time for people exiting that area, but the signal should not be staying on red for Park Center drivers for no reason.

ACHD discovered that the detection cameras were giving false "vehicle is waiting" notices to the signal controller. Adjustments were made and the problem should be resolved.

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