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The Road Wizard appears in The Idaho Statesman, the Kuna Melba News and the Valley Times each week to explore local transportation matters. He tries to find out why situations occur and what is being done about them. The Wizard's column is a public service provided by ACHD.

2015 News and Replies

December 27

Getting around backups on Main Street during greenbelt construction; top-five insights from watchful readers over the year. [Read more...]

December 20

Well-meaning sweeper drivers go off course; new flashing yellow arrow signals on Boise Avenue at Broadway Avenue win praise; certain tire treads probably the reason for wild-ride sensation on Interstate 84. [Read more...]

December 13

Longer evening commute for Downtown Boise drivers due to lane closures and the new, two-way 13th Street; reader suggests limiting events after detour confusion during YMCA Halloween Run. [Read more...]

December 06

Informing residents of exact street sweeping days is difficult; Interstate 84's grooved pavement a problem for a reader. [Read more...]

November 29

Making a right turn where there is a green bike lane; Capitol Boulevard and Idaho Street left lane destination confusion; flashing yellow left-turn arrow coming to Idaho 44/State Street. [Read more...]

November 22

Request for a traffic signal at Lake Hazel and Meridian roads; bumpy 5th Street in Downtown Boise despite chip seal; odd signal behavior at Hill Road and Gary Lane/Hill Road Parkway. [Read more...]

November 15

Road dimples in Boise explained; sharrows are a compromise for bicycle users on Apple Street. [Read more...]

November 08

Who cleans up after crashes? What is needed for a school zone at Victory Road and Brandys Jewell Way? Request for a delay in the Main Street/Warm Springs Avenue crosswalk activation. [Read more...]

November 01

South Boise verses West End -- why the difference in stop signs and sidewalks? Cyclists can yield at stop signs, even when other intersection approaches don't stop; long green light for Fort Street traffic at Hays/5th explained. [Read more...]

October 25

Does bicycle and pedestrian demand warrant fewer vehicle lanes in Downtown Boise, and what are the politics involved? Can double left-turn lanes have one lane with a flashing yellow arrow? [Read more...]

October 18

ACHD's bike box education effort; new Warm Springs Avenue sign points to unfinished road; short green light and long pedestrian signal wait at Ustick Road and McKinney Street. [Read more...]

October 11

Reader thinks Colchester Drive at Eagle Road gets faster green than Island Woods Drive; reader sees red lights all around at Gowen Road and Technology Way; last-minute merges update at Parkcenter Boulevard and Beacon Street. [Read more...]

October 04

Bike box confusion on Capitol Boulevard at Myrtle Street; reader says thanks for extra left-turn lane on Ann Morrison Park Drive onto northbound Capitol; Warm Springs Avenue sewer work closure reopens ahead of schedule. [Read more...]

September 27

Sidewalk markings on Brentwood Drive near Overland/Cole; intermittent left-turn green arrow on Locust Grove/ Central/Bentley Drive; bike lanes will be painted on Shoreline Drive; Fairview Avenue and Main Street in Boise fog sealed. [Read more...]

September 20

Reader doubts efficiency of removing travel lanes from 27th Street, disappearing through-lane on westbound Parkcenter Boulevard at bridge; reader comments on left-turning eastbound traffic on Idaho 44 getting two turns at the State Street extension. [Read more...]

September 13

"Rurban" Amity Road probably not ready for for a speed limit reduction; praise for 27th Street bike lanes and hopes for bike lanes on Orchard Street; reason why cul-de-sacs get no chip seals. [Read more...]

September 06

ACHD tries steel roller as a way to make smoother bike lanes post-chip sealing; chipping slated for Warm Springs from Broadway to Harris Ranch next year; left turn on red light from Whitewater Park Boulevard onto Fairview Avenue -- when allowed? [Read more...]

August 30

To stop or not to stop when a pedestrian enters an unlit HAWK crosswalk; speed bump request at Kroeger Park on Leadville Avenue; homeowners association wants to paint public street curbing red at fire hydrants. [Read more...]

August 23

Repairs delayed at railroad crossing at Cole and Franklin roads due to bad air; State Street and Veterans Memorial Parkway signal modified for morning school bus traffic; large dead tree branch at Stroebel Road and King Road intersection in Kuna. [Read more...]

August 16

Request for sharrows on 9th Street; brush blocking westbound shoulder on Riverside Drive; low-cost way to handle new apartment traffic at Capitol Boulevard and University Drive. [Read more...]

August 09

Temporary road signs blocking new bike lane on Capitol; Warm Springs Avenues becomes Parkcenter Boulevard in Harris Ranch; signal at Idaho 44 seems to treat State Street unfairly. [Read more...]

August 02

Driver debate: Legal to make a "right on red" from Americana Boulevard to Emerald Street? ACHD fixes different pothole than requested at Locust Grove and McMillan roads; off-campus housing impacts on Capitol Boulevard and University Drive. [Read more...]

July 26

Proper left turning from a side street onto a designated, shared center turn lane on a major street; reader offers examples of more (problematic?) duplicate intersections; ACHD looks for storm drain filter at McMillan and Five Mile roads. [Read more...]

July 19

Forgotten storm drain filter removed at 27th and Bannock streets; unnecessary “no left turn” sign noticed after standing for decades. [Read more...]

July 12

Reader suggests all-way stop at Eckert Road and Boise Avenue; about the new bike lane layout at Hill Road/Hill Road Parkway/Gary Lane. [Read more...]

July 05

Can ACHD request that property owners not water the road? Reader changes his mind about roundabouts and suggests that any landscaping be simple; ACHD will add more speed limit signs to 27th Street in Boise. [Read more...]

June 28

Reader wants 13th Street closed to traffic in Hyde Park -- or add stop signs; eroded asphalt and holes repaired at Lake Hazel and Cloverdale; complaint about short green light at Pleasant Valley and Gowen. [Read more...]

June 21

"Do Not Block Intersection" sign request denied on Ustick Road at Boulder Creek Avenue; "jaw-dropping" ruts at 15th and Idaho streets. Since dead end Mountain View Drive has a signal, why not the other section? [Read more...]

June 14

Remaining truck route signs urging drivers to use Orchard Street instead of Curtis Road to be removed; ACHD completes crosswalk evaluation on Five Mile Road at Comba Park; reader unsatisfied with response to letter about HAWK pedestrian signals. [Read more...]

June 07

Miss-marked barricade on McMillan Road between Linder and Ten Mile roads confused reader; inactivity at Table Rock Road/Troutner Way job explained. Legal to make a right-on-red from the left-most, right-turn lane at 6th and Front streets? [Read more...]

May 31

Safety features planned for the "dog bone" roundabout near school at 36th Street/Hill Road/Catalpa Drive; long red-light wait at Island Woods and Eagle Road explained. [Read more...]

May 24

A dark HAWK beacon is different than a darkened signal; another reader reacts to last-minute, right-lane mergers at Chinden and Eagle. [Read more...]

May 17

Reader disagrees with Road Wizard on merging into one lane after traffic signals; stop sign request on Shaw Mountain Road at Table Rock Road. [Read more...]

May 10

Why don't Idaho drivers happily alternately merge at two-thru-lane intersections that merge down to one lane? Will a traffic signal go back into operation at Fairview and Steelwood avenues? Thank you from reader. [Read more...]

May 03

Signal timing at Fairview Avenue and Orchard Street; reader concern about one of the two Vista Avenue/Airport Way intersections; new HAWK signal on Parkcenter Boulevard and seemingly delayed reaction. [Read more...]

April 26

Flashing yellow arrow delay explained at River/9th near Library! School speed zone decision-making and the reason for no zone at Sage International School. [Read more...]

April 19

Topics: ACHD traffic-monitoring video cameras aren’t designed to record traffic accidents; Parkcenter Boulevard and Bown Way traffic signal timing adjusted because of bridge closure; finding a way out for Sandy Springs subdivision residents. [Read more...]

April 12

Reader asks for clarification on bicyclists riding two or more abreast, particularly on Hill Road; request for another right-turn option on southbound Broadway Avenue on Front Street in downtown Boise. [Read more...]

April 05

Unexpected lane use at Whitewater Park Boulevard roundabout; Island Woods Drive at Eagle Road will get flashing yellow left-turn signals; reader reacts to residents posting parking restrictions on public road next to Baggley Park in Boise. [Read more...]

March 29

Can-Ada Road and Idaho Center Boulevard -- who is responsible for the rough part? Reader concerned about pollution exposure at red lights; Eagle and Lake Hazel intersection pavement repair. [Read more...]

March 22

"Residents Only" parking signs on Versailles Court near Baggley Park; spring weather means the Five Mile/Amity intersection gets permanent trench repair; vanishing crosswalk at Parkcenter Avenue and Apple Street repainted. [Read more...]

March 15

Some signals on Cherry Lane/Fairview Avenue east of Ten Mile Road favor eastbound morning commuters; droopy wire likely cause of Fairview/Cloverdale flashing yellow arrow confusion. [Read more...]

March 08

Wait times at major traffic signals seem too long for side streets at off-peak hours; odd signal behavior leads to confusion about flashing yellow arrows. [Read more...]

March 01

Crosswalk request at new Comba Park on Five Mile Road; "possible" vs. "practicable" when riding a bike; ACHD inspector moves roadwork sign in traffic lane on Coleen Drive. [Read more...]

February 22

Safe bicycling through the roundabout on Whitewater Park Boulevard and elsewhere; reader asks about red-light delays after moving from a signal-free place. [Read more...]

February 15

Reader wants 27th Street to return to four lanes; pipe work across Five Mile Road at Smoke Ranch Drive creates crevice, HAWK pedestrian signal at Irving Street and Maple Grove stops traffic without need. [Read more...]

February 08

Too low street signs on Five Mile Road between Franklin and Fairview; how ACHD came to be. [Read more...]

February 01

Fairview Avenue bike lane at 27th Street being used as a right-turn lane; narrow shoulder on Hill Road between Pierce Park and Gary Lane made tighter by landscaping. [Read more...]

January 25

Paint disappears from new left-turn lanes at Five Mile and Franklin roads; Five Mile Road misses out on chipseal near Lake Hazel; land survey markers along Cloverdale Road between Ustick and Fairview. [Read more...]

January 18

Tree-vs.-new stop sign concerns in Meridian; a chipseal is the most likely new surface to the 1700 block of Jefferson Street; speed study and speed humps requested for 27th Street in Boise. [Read more...]

January 11

Reader praises recent snow removal; requested signal at Lake Hazel and Meridian roads; electronic "noise" causes detection trouble at Bown Way and Boise Avenue. [Read more...]

January 04

Topics: Crosswalk location confusion at Parkcenter Avenue and Apple Street; future plans for the less than bike-friendly Gowen Road Bridge over the railroad tracks near the Boise Factory Outlet. [Read more...]

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