Craig Quintana
Chief Information Officer
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Nicole DuBois
Public Information Specialist
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Christy Foltz-Ahlrichs
Sr. Communications Specialist
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ACHD strives to be informative and responsive in meeting the local roadway needs of Ada County's residents. We believe a well-informed public is key to having a transportation system that best serves the needs of the county's residents.Media event

A wealth of information about the District's operations and projects is available on this website, as well as specific contact information for phone and email inquiries. If there's something you need and can't find, please let us know: Tell Us.

When considering a project, study or initiative, the District reaches out to the public at the earliest stages, when input can best be incorporated. Working out any kinks early in the process avoids costly redesigns and delays going into construction or implementation. It's simply good business.

Your feedback is vital to what we do -- please Tell Us what you think, either through the provided web form or over the phone at 387-6100.

Let's face it: Nobody likes roadwork until it's done. While improvements ultimately make it easier for drivers, pedestrians and cyclists to get to where they need to go, ACHD understands work can pose short-term problems, particularly for businesses. ACHD has a Business and Community Relations Coordinator who works with businesses and neighborhoods to provide information and       to ease the impact of ACHD's work. Click to learn more.