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Gregory Fullerton
Utility Coordinator
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The utility coordinator and the utility specialist are important members of the Planning & Projects Department. This section is responsible for monitoring, coordinating, and facilitating the construction activities of utilities working in the public rights-of-way. Construction plan reviews, distribution of District project plans, and frequent contact with utility and construction company representatives are some ways they accomplish this. Finding alternatives to cutting new pavement, while satisfying the utility requirements of a growing community, is one of the challenges frequently faced by the utility section.

There are many new telecommunication companies installing facilities in the public rights-of-way. This division plays an active role in working out right-of-way use agreements, compensation for District administration costs, determining routes and locations for fiber-optic systems acceptable to the companies and the District, and the construction requirements for installations. Joint use of trenches, overhead and under the roadway installations are actively encouraged to minimize the impact to the pavement and to traffic.

This section has been involved in drafting several agreements, which have resulted in joint utility and road construction projects with other public agencies that save tax dollars and lessen inconvenience to the motoring public.

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The Utility Coordinator and Utility Specialist work with each utility company to coordinate their work on projects.