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Programs & Planning
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Future construction of roadways and improvements to the infrastructure of Ada County's transportation system are planned in advance in order to best serve the public needs as growth in the county continues to expand.

The Community Planning Association of Southwest Idaho (COMPASS) is the agency that is charged with developing the Long Range Transportation Plan currently titled Communities in Motion. Transportation activities cover the realm of demographic projections to twenty-year long range plans and creating a vision for the future transportation system in Ada and Canyon Counties.

Once a project is in the Destination 2025 Long Range Transportation Plan for Ada County, the ACHD prioritizes these projects and others not shown in Destination 2025 based on the immediate and projected needs of the road system and on input from the citizens of the county that use these roadways. These projects are then placed in the ACHD Integrated Five-Year Work Plan document.  This programming document is approved annually by the ACHD Board of Commissioners.  It is the basis for future planning but may change subject to specific project approval for each budget year.

Other projects can be found in the COMPASS Transportation Improvement Plan (TIP).  These projects are regional in scope and/or funded with federal aid and include projects constructed by the Idaho Department of Transportation.

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