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Pedestrian-Bicycle Transition Plan

The Pedestrian-Bicycle Transition plan has been in development since 2003 as part of the District's efforts to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1991, which requires that all programs, services and activities of public entities be accessible to persons with disabilities. The act also tasks government entities like ACHD to undertake self-evaluations and to develop plans to address how programs and infrastructure can and should be modified to meet the needs of those with mobility challenges.Ped Bike Plan

The development of this plan has been a major undertaking, requiring the District to conduct on-the-street cataloguing of the pedestrian and bicycle system, resulting in an inventory of more than 19,000 street corners and 1,400 centerline miles of pedestrian facilities.

As a result, ACHD is one of only a few countywide entities in the United States to have completed this effort, which ultimately addresses mobility options for all Ada County residents.

Pedestrian-Bicycle Transition Plan: