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Breann Shearer
Administrative Assistant
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The Design & Construction Department's mission is to provide engineering services for all types of highway-related facilities, with a highly skilled professional team working together, using technical knowledge, common sense and practical experience. LabThe Design & Construction Department is responsible for the administration and implementation of the Districts engineering, design and construction programs. The Design & Construction Department provides engineering services essential to support internal and external maintenance and construction operations, including survey, design, construction, drainage, and quality assurance for new and existing highway improvements.

Design & Construction Department also performs conflict resolution and fosters partnering concepts with other departments, government entities, consultants, contractors, and suppliers. It is also responsible for the bridge management programs that inspect and manage maintenance, repair and renovation of over 560 bridges and large culverts.

To meet the engineering needs of the District, Design & Construction Department currently employs full-time professional and technical staff organized into the Design/Survey and Construction Sections.

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