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Construction Supervisor
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Construction Services manages the District's construction project program. Project inspectors and materials testing technicians ensure that work performed by the District, developers and other organizations meet strict District standards. In addition, the Division performs maintenance inspections and maintains records on approximately 560 bridge structures and large pipe culverts in Ada County.

To achieve these objectives, the Construction Section maintains a dedicated team of technicians to handle the management, inspection, and testing needs for contracts, projects, and bridges. Professional engineering consultants and private materials testing companies are utilized to supplement specific needs. This partnership with private industry helps Construction insure that quality construction takes place on all District construction projects.

In accordance with a Memorandum of Understanding, Construction Services works closely with the Idaho Transportation Department Port of Entry and with local city and county law enforcement agencies in the enforcement of weight, height and width limits on District roads and bridges.

Capital Projects & Inspection

Construction administers and inspects numerous capital construction contracts issued by the District. This section continues to automate its administrative systems to include any changes to projects, pay estimates, schedules, and trends.

Construction also continues to work in cooperation with the Idaho Transportation Department (ITD) by administering federally funded construction contracts that are sponsored by the District. These projects include railroad crossing improvements, roadway construction, bridges, and signals.

There are six transportation districts in the state highway department. The local district is referred to as District III. District III is divided into four regencies that are responsible for the management of all transportation contracts that the ITD constructs. 15 years ago, the ACHD entered into an agreement with the Idaho Transportation Department (ITD) to have the ACHDs Construction Services become a satellite construction Residency by getting the Inspectors and the materials lab staff qualified by Western Alliance for Quality Transportation in Construction. Thereby qualifying the ACHD to handle all of the federally funded construction management contracts that the ACHD sponsors. ACHD's Construction Services is the only local highway district in Idaho that has this relationship with the Idaho Transportation Department (ITD) and the Federal Highway Administration.

Materials Testing

The Materials Testing Section maintains a state-of-the-art, state and WAQTC certified testing laboratory to support the needs of all District departments. The material lab is committed to improving the durability and longevity of roadways, through comprehensive testing and utilizing new technology. The Districts radiation safety program is managed by this group and has received commendations for its training, record keeping, maintenance, and enforcement of Nuclear Regulatory Commission requirements.

Keeping the Public Informed

Keeping the public informed about construction activities is always a high priority for the District. During construction, Construction meets with individuals, businesses, and organizations to minimize construction inconveniences. Informational fliers are distributed to keep property owners aware of construction activities. Small group meetings are conducted to inform and gather citizen comments.