ACHD Commissioners

2014 Commission Election

Voters elected Paul Woods and Kent Goldthorpe to the ACHD Commission on Tuesday. Woods emerged from a six-way race in District 3 with 37 percent of the vote, while Goldthorpe won the District 4 race with 63 percent of the tally. See the final, unofficial results.

Two ACHD Commission seats -- Districts 3 and 4 -- appeared on the November 4, 2014 General Election ballot. District 3 covers the north and northwest portions of Ada County, running from Boise's North End and the Foothills to the west through Eagle and Star. District 4 takes in the vast southern portion of the county, generally south of Interstate 84 and Gowen Road.

Six candidates ran in the District 3 race to succeed Commissioner John Franden, who is stepping down. The candidates were:

  • Stephanie Blake
  • Bob Bruce
  • Brock Frazier
  • J.J. Howard
  • John D. Seidl
  • Paul Woods

See the Idaho Statesman Voters' Guide for this race

Candidate Kent Goldthorpe challenged incumbent Commissioner Mitch Jaurena in District 4.

See the Idaho Statesman Voters' Guide for this race

View candidate disclosures and background information

Voters cast ballots for the Commission seat representing the area where they live. In each race, the candidate getting the most votes will be the winner -- a majority is not required.

The ACHD Commission has five members who serve four-year terms. Commission seats are non-partisan, local government offices and do not appear on the primary ballot in May. The compensation for the part-time post is a monthly stipend of $1,771. The president of the Commission, chosen annually from among the Commissioners, receives an additional $356 per month.

The Commission sets policy for the District, the only countywide highway agency in Idaho, which serves all of the residents of Ada County, including residents of the incorporated cities. The Commissioners generally meet on the first four Wednesdays of each month, excluding holidays.

To qualify to run for the ACHD Commission, a candidate must:

  • Be at least 21 years old (Idaho Code 34-625A).
  • Be a citizen of the United States.
  • Be a resident of the ACHD Subdistrict for which he/she seeks office.
  • Fill out a Declaration of Candidacy form and pay the filing fee of $10.00. Candidates file at the Ada County Clerk's Office, 400 Benjamin Ln., Suite 100, in Boise.

Idaho Code 40-1404A prevents county commissioners, mayors and city council members from holding office on a countywide highway district commission, such as ACHD.

The last day to file to have filed to run for an ACHD seat and appear on the ballot was August 6, 2014; those wishing to run as write-in candidate have until September 19, 2014 to file. Please see this list of key dates for the election.

Candidate information and disclosures

Once a candidate has filed to run, they must also appoint a campaign treasurer and submit the signed form to the ACHD Clerk of the Board. All subsequent campaign spending reports must be filed with the ACHD clerk.

If you need additional information about the ACHD Commission election, please contact Stacey Workman, Secretary of the Commission, at 387-6110 or at