Community Programs
Brooke Green
Senior Transportation Planner
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Community Programs are ACHD projects developed to expand and enhance a safe, efficient, and accessible pedestrian and bicycle network for all residents of Ada County.

Types of Projects Covered by Community Programs

  • Pedestrian-Bicycle Transition Plan routes
  • New curb ramps and repairs
  • Traffic mitigation devices such as medians and speed bumps
  • Asphalt pathways
  • Pedestrian water/canal crossings to provide connectivity
  • New pavement markings such as crosswalks and bike lanes, pedestrian signage, signals, and school speed zone flashers
  • Bikeway projects
  • Neighborhood enhancement projects (scroll down for more details)

Community Programs Objectives

  • Emphasize Safe Routes to Schools
  • Support the reduction of school safety busing
  • Reach out to constituents and respond to public needs
  • Promote community and neighborhood involvement and support
  • Optimize the use of fiscal resources
  • Bring Ada County to ADA compliance, improving mobility for the disabled.

"Safe Routes to School" is the top priority for Community Programs. ACHD's definition of Safe Routes to School is any project designed and constructed with the objective of encouraging and enabling more children to safely walk and bike to school.

Neighborhood Enhancement Projects
Since school routes are the ACHD Commission’s top priority, a majority of the Community Programs funds will be allotted toward those projects. However, the Commission also wishes to continue to construct neighborhood enhancement projects which will be evaluated and funded through an application system. This application offers each citizen an opportunity to address wanted improvements in their neighborhood, particularly those that provide pedestrian and bicycle safety, mobility, and connectivity (such as sidewalks). Applications may be submitted by either individual citizens or neighborhood associations.

Funding and Fairness
Another goal of the ACHD Commission is to have a fair geographic distribution of these projects, with a project in each city per year. A target of 5% of the annual Five-Year Work Plan capital funds are dedicated to Community Programs, which ranges from $1.5 - $2 million. In addition, half of the new local vehicle registration fee money approved by voters in November 2008 will go toward Community Programs each year. This year that is about $1 million. Click here for more about local vehicle registration fees.