Bike Facility Pilot Project (2012)
Shared Lane Markings and Green Colored Bike Lanes
Brooke Green
Senior Transportation Planner
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Green-colored bike lanes and shared lane markings— they are new to Ada County roadways and will have bicyclists and cars sharing the road with more awareness.

Ada County Highway District (ACHD) crews are painting the new bike markings on select roadways in Boise, Meridian and Eagle as part of a pilot program that aims to promote awareness and increase safety for bicyclists and motorists.

The new bike-related markings are recommendations from ACHD’s Roadways to Bikeways Master Plan which was adopted in 2009 and guides investments in Ada County’s bicycle system.

“Drivers and cyclists are going to notice the new symbols and green markings painted on roadways that, in many cases, are already heavily used by cyclists. The lane markings will put bicyclists in a safer place on the roadway and will help alert motorists to the presence of bicyclists,” said Matt Edmond, ACHD Senior Transportation Planner.

Installation of the new pavement markings began in mid-June and will be finished by early fall. Locations receiving chipseal or overlay maintenance will be painted later in the summer or early fall months.

ACHD will monitor the new pavement markings to determine use and effectiveness as well as durability and upkeep.

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Shared Lane Markings (Sharrows)

What are Shared Lane Markings?

Shared Lane Markings are high-visibility pavement markings that help position cyclists within the travel lane. These markings are often used on streets where dedicated bicycle lanes are desirable but are not possible due to physical or other constraints. Shared lane markings are placed strategically in the travel lane to alert motorists of bicycle traffic, while also encouraging cyclists to ride at an appropriate distance from the "door zone" of adjacent parked cars.

How to use Shared Lane Markings as a bicyclist:

  • Ride over shared lane markings and stay away from parked cars
  • Ride in the same direction as other traffic
  • Look, signal and merge before turning

How to use Shared Lane Markings as a motorist:

  • Drive over shared lane marking if bicyclists are not present
  • Always respect bicyclists on the road and give at least three feet if you need to pass
  • Remember that bicyclists have the same rights and responsibilities as motorists
  • When parked, look for bicyclists before opening your door

 Shared Lane Markings have been installed in the following locations:

  • 8th St, Greenbelt to Broad St
  • Bannock St, 1st St to 6th St and 13th St to 16th St (Not where bike lanes exist between 6th and 13th)
  • 13th St, Fort St to Irene St
  • State St, Cobblestone Way to Stierman Way
  • Watertower Ln/St, Main St to Locust Grove Rd

Shared Lane Markings to be installed following scheduled overlay or chipseal work later this summer:

  • Northview St, Cole Rd to Curtis Rd - anticipated by early August
  • Adams St/Alworth St, Kent Ln to 37th St - anticipated by mid-September
  • Shoreline Dr, Americana Blvd to 13th St - anticipated by late October

Green Bike Lanes

What are green colored bike lanes?

Colored bike lanes can be used in potential conflict areas to alert drivers of the presence of bicyclists and bike lanes. The colored bike lanes can be used where turning and merging vehicles have the highest chance of conflicting with a bicyclist. A section of bike lane will be painted green to alert drivers of the possibility of cyclists in the area in locations where a vehicle may be making a turn. The green pavement markings call attention to these potential conflict areas.

Green Bike Lanes to be installed by July 15, 2012:

  • 8th St contraflow lane between Broad and Front
  • Bannock St intersection approaches at 6th/Capitol/8th/9th/10th/11th/12th/13th (10 approaches)
  • 16th St southbound left turn lane crossovers at State St and Main St
  • Bown Rd northbound right turn lane crossovers at Parkcenter Blvd and southbound right turn lane crossover at Boise Ave
  • Eagle Rd northbound right turn lane crossover at State St
  • Floating Feather Rd eastbound right turn lane crossover at Hwy 55
  • Hill Rd westbound right turn lane crossover at Horseshoe Bend Rd
  • Pine Ave right turn lane crossovers at Eagle Rd/Hwy 55

Green Bike Lanes to be installed following scheduled overlay or chipseal work later this summer:

  • Emerald/Executive corridor intersections - at key intersections between Curtis and Eagle roads
  • Curtis Rd eastbound and westbound right turn lane crossovers